Inspiration Wednesday: Textures + Q&A...

Inspiration Wednesday: Textures + Q&A...

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Happy Wednesday!! I feel like during the fall and winter months we pull out so many gorgeous textures from our wardrobe - leather, faux fur, lace, wool, silk, metallic, suede and velvet (just to name a few!!!;). Don't be afraid to mix and match your styles and textures. So many of these pieces could be worn together! The options are endless!!

And now for today's Q&A...

I'm trying to find a consistent time to workout but it hasn't been easy. I would love to hear more about your little ones' schedule and your morning routine!

I had to force myself to wake up at 6:00 am. I start working out between 6:30 and 7:00 so I'm done by 8:00. My babies usually wake up around 8:30. I've loved it because I'm not groggy when my kids wake up; I'm up and going and energized! Yesterday morning my alarm didn't go off and I missed the gym so I woke up the same time my babies did and I was SO tired the entire morning. If you feel you lag in the morning, I would really try to wake up earlier, workout and then get your babies up!!

Once I get home from the gym, Drew leaves for work and I get the babies up and we all three eat breakfast together. I make Isla oatmeal or eggs and Jackson will devour anything I put in front of him, but eggs are his favorite. They also love the Kodiak Pancakes (a healthier option!!).

After breakfast we play, then I turn on an episode of Daniel Tiger so I can get some work done. I really try to limit the screen time so after that I'll have Isla do some type of sensory activity. Right now she's really into Play-Doh and Paint Dots!

What size weights do you use when you workout and do you increase the weight the more you workout?

I started with size 5 pound weights. Now I do 10's or 12's depending on the exercise.

Do you follow the sleep training method? Do you stick to it? Was it a gentle way? Any tips or advice to help deal with kids who sleep inconsistently would be much appreciated!

I sleep trained both my babies. Isla was much easier than Jackson though, but I powered through. The biggest thing was I never let my babies sleep in my bed. They were either in a bassinet next to my bed or in their own rooms once they were a little older. I kept consistent and got them into a routine. My pediatrician told me one of the best things I could do for my babies was to get them into a routine because they thrive on that. We established a daily and nightly routine and I also read the book, Twelve Hours' Sleep by Twelve Weeks Old: A Step-By-Step Plan for Baby Sleep Success. I didn't follow it religiously but I used a lot of the advice given. Now both Isla and Jackson sleep 8:00 pm - 8:00 am or 9:00 pm - 9:00 am. My sister Emily did the same thing with her kids!

Do you want more children and if so, how many more?

Yes, we do!!! Drew and I both come from big families! We eventually want two more but Jackson and Isla are so close in age so we are going to wait a while before having the next two.


Thanks for stopping by, have a great Wednesday!

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