Finding Balance...

Finding Balance...

Dress: RP Everyday Shop | Bag: Hat Attack | Isla's Dress: Zara (similar here and here) | Jackson's top: Zara (similar here and here) | Jackson's shorts: Zara (similar here) | Deodorant: Secret


Whenever I'm asked what my biggest challenge is in life the answer is always the same: BALANCE. Just ask Drew, my mom, my sisters, my girlfriends, my employees... they'll all tell you it's something I struggle with. Life can be busy and messy but also really amazing and fun! But no matter how busy I get or how many meetings or photoshoots I have in the day, the single most important thing to me is my family and my babies. Back in January I made some goals (you might remember them from this post) and one of my personal goals was to let go of my mom guilt. Mom guilt is a very real thing. I feel like on a daily basis I'm having this constant inner-battle with myself questioning whether I should really leave my babies to go to a meeting or a photoshoot or travel for a blog project. Being a wife, a mother and running two businesses can be a lot... and that’s ok!! The fact that I choose to wear so many different hats doesn't make me any less of a mom, and truthfully I love that my children will grow up watching their mom work.

One of my biggest tips to attempting to have more balance in my life is to stick to a schedule. I try to only go into the office 2-3 days a week and the other days I stay at home with my babies! Before I worked out a schedule I felt like I was being pulled in a million different directions by a million different people, and I couldn't ever give 100% of my attention to anyone. And that wasn't fair for anyone plus it was down right exhausting. I LOVE that I have some consistency in my life that allows me to be a better wife, a better businesswoman, a better friend, and most importantly a better mother.

With the weather warming up here in Utah, Isla Rose and Jackson love being outside any chance they get!!!! We snapped these photos last week after we spent an afternoon playing at the park. I actually didn't even bring my phone with me because I wanted to completely disconnect and give my kids my full attention. And it was so good for all of us! Another tip that I highly recommend ;) Whether I'm running with my dad gearing up for our half marathons, or working out with my sisters, or in back-to-back meetings and photoshoots, or just playing with my babies at home in our pajamas all day, I NEED a deodorant that can keep up with me and my demanding schedule. I've shared before that Secret Clinical Strength has been my go-to since middle school and that it's a brand that I love. I like to carry around the mini travel size in my bag to have on hand just in case I forget to apply before I leave for work or to do errands, and have to do so while in transit. I love that I only have to apply Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid just once for all-day strong wetness protection. If you haven't tried it yet you need to! Click here to purchase the product on and visit for more on how to save $3 before the end of the month!!!

I'd love to hear how you keep up with the demands of life and what your secret is to balance it all! Do you have a schedule or a daily to-do list? Or any products, like Secret's Clinical Strength, that help you power through the day?

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