Hello 2018: My New Years Goals…

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Happy 2018!!! I have a lot of personal and professional goals I’m trying to achieve this year, but I also am really trying to simplify and not overwhelm myself. I thought I would share a few of mine with you. I always feel so inspired when I talk with my girlfriends about their hopes and dreams and goals they’re working toward!

First, I’m starting the year off by re-reading the book, You Are a Bad Ass. I read it a few months ago but need a refresher. It’s such an inspiring book and I really had an a-ha moment when I read it. I highly recommend it! Such a great time to read it with the new year and fresh start!

Like I said, I really wanted to simplify and make a list of goals that are attainable and that I will be able to reach and not feel overwhelmed so there’s not a ton but I really want to master all of these before I write down a huge list.


Prayers. We have formed a habit of saying family prayers together each night before we put the babies to bed which I’m extremely grateful for, but by the time my head hits the pillow, I fall asleep before I can say my personal prayers to God. I used to be so good at this before I had babies and now that I’m a mom I’ve fallen out of the habit which make me so sad. No matter what religion you are, I feel like it is so mentally therapeutic to speak with god, or to the universe, or whatever you want to call it. If you haven’t tried, try it. If you aren’t in the habit of it, make a habit of it. That’s at the very top of my list!

Date Night with Drew once a week. It’s so easy to lose track of each other between the businesses we run and our two toddlers under three. We usually make time for date night but have gotten off track with the holidays so I’m excited to start that again and make time for each other one-on-one. Oh and when we do go on date night we leave our phones in the car so we can talk with no distractions or text alerts. It’s so refreshing. If you haven’t tried it yet do it! (Drew wears his Apple Watch incase the babysitter needs to get ahold of us!).

Be more patient with myself and others. This is my weakness. I am not a patient person. Whether that’s when I’m in a check-out line at the grocery store, getting my lashes filled (I fidget the entire time and count down the seconds until I can stand up and go about my day), or with myself when I make a mistake and not be so hard on myself over big and small things, or with my husband, kids or family. My grandma always say patience is a virtue and I’m trying to really refine that in myself this year.


° Diet Coke only on the weekends

° Drink half my body weight in ounces of water each day

° Eat clean during the week and enjoy myself on the weekends (I’m using Fitness Carli’s meal plan and Clean Simple Eats meal plan to eat clean and get recipe ideas)

° Continue the habit of waking up and working out each morning before my babies wake up

° This one falls under mental health I guess. Self love. Loving myself, not comparing myself and embracing my weaknesses and strengths


Letting go of the mom guilt I feel when I have to leave my babies to go to a meeting for my clothing line, a shoot or travel for a blog project. I am a wife, a mother and run two businesses and that’s ok. That doesn’t make me any less of mom and I love that my children will grow up watching their mom work. I often notice feelings of guilt or anxiety when I leave to go work and it’s not healthy or productive. I really want to let go of that and spin it positively instead of negatively in my mind and to my babies.

I am going to (attempt) to wake up an hour before my workouts to get some work done and out of the way before my babies wake up to minimize any time that would take me away from them. Often I’ll be answering emails while Jackson and Isla eat breakfast but I want to be there and present with them and not buried in my phone responding to emails from the evening before. I want to wake up and get it all done and be there in the moment with my babies, especially because time is going by so fast.

Continue to grow and expand my clothing line, Rachel Parcell Collection, and Pink Peonies! I’ve created a vision board and am striving to make 2018 the biggest year yet! We have so many exciting things in store for you this year!! I’m so excited about our spring and summer collections coming!!!! I think you’re going to love all the pieces we’ve designed.

Ok sorry for the novel of a post! I would so love to hear some of your goals for the new year. I always find it so inspiring and motivating to hear what other people are striving and working towards to better themselves.

Love you all and thank you, thank you for following along.


xo, Rach
Hello 2018: My New Years Goals…
Hello 2018: My New Years Goals…
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129 thoughts on “Hello 2018: My New Years Goals…

  1. LOVElovelove this (+ you), Rach! Two quick Q’s for you…
    1.) What time do you get up in the morning, to get work done, then work out also, before the babes get up?
    2.) Do you ever share your vision board – or at least the process of making one? Would LOVE to see – I hadn’t even thought to make one for the year, but now I’m feeling all sortsa inspired to make one to accompany my goals list for 2018!

    Coming Up Roses

    1. Hi Erica! I try to wake up by 5am so I can get my workout done and some work too. Sometimes it’s 6am but my goal is usually 5am. And I don’t think I’ve shared my vision board before but I probably will either on my blog or on IG or IG stories!! Thanks for the idea :)

      xo, Rach

  2. Happy New Year, Rach! I always find it inspiring to read about other people’s goals too :) I think one of mine is to find true love. I know it sounds corny and all, but I really want to have a family of my own and do all these creative things with my life and have someone to share with all this. And I also had this vision how wonderful it will be if someday I’ll get married on Christmas Day. I think it would be so romantic, because to me Christmas is so important :) Anyways, enough rambling… Thank you for sharing and again, happy new year! <3

    Style Unsettled

    1. I don’t think that’s corny at all!!! I really hope you find true love too! Everyone deserves to :) Happy New Year!

      xo, Rach

  3. Bravo rach! Great list oF goals for the year, but i especially like the notion of letting go of the guilt when it comes to work. You are doing an amazing job with your businesses and your kids as well! my kids are a Bit Older than yours – ive always workEd and my kids turned out magniFicently. Ive been upset this year seeing some of the bad feedbAck you’ve gotTen from followers and its not right and it sure isnt fair. You are setting an amazing example for your kids esp since you are the “boss!” Keep at it and i cant wait to see what else you have in store for us this year!! Cheers to an amazing 2018!

  4. Love this post Rach! Your goals are awesome and sound very achievable!! Great pics too and thank you for sharing. Keep up the great work because I love your blog.<3



  5. Thank you so much for sharing! What a great reminDEr to put God and family first. also, i think having a creative passion is wonderful!

  6. Happy 2018! Thanks for sharing, very inspiring! And also, I think it’s great that your kids have a successful mom they can look up to! Little boys and girls need more female role models like you. So let go of the mom guilt :)

  7. prayer and daily devotion tops my list too rach. People mock at that but it’s vital that we spend time with our heavenly father. he does everything for us so we should talk to him. it’s what keeps me sane! Day 2 I got up and did my deep breathing workout. my major goal this year is to run a 5k. i don’t even know where to start but i want to do this for me. another big goal is to purge what i don’t use and quit buying stuff i don’t need. if i see something that i want but don’t need then in order for me to have it it needs to replace something else. that way i don’t have tons of stuff anymore. this will go for clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, makeup and skin and hair care products basically everything. love your goals. do you use a planner or some special sheets to keep track of everything rach?

  8. Love your blog. You are a very INSPIRING youg laDY, i enjoy your pOsts, Allthough i am PROBABLY 15 years oldeR than you i Can relate to the feelings you share anout being mom, wife, fitness, sirituality and tryinG To balance it all . You are wise to embrace your babies mine are 11 and 12 Years old and i grieve their toddler age. Enjoy it and keep pOsting!! HapPy new year!!

  9. if you don’t mind sharing, what was the “aha” moment for you in the “you are a bad ass” book? I’m ordering it and just curious what stood out for you. Thanks!

  10. I love Your goals! I also need to imroVe my personal prayers…i remember reading a talk, i think by elder holland, about how he and His wIfe realized they Could say their NiGhtly prayers earlier At night when they were less exhausted, i might have to try that! My friend also talked me Into training for a half marathon in july, so that’s one of my biggest goals!

  11. Love this post! I bought the book “you are a bad ass” but I haven’t read. need to read!
    My three goals are to be more present – in the moment, visit two states on my bucket list (trying to get to all 50) and Id like to journal for 5 minutes each day.

  12. I want to commend you on being such an inspirational woman, mom, business person! At first I started following you because of pretty fashion posts but you offer so much more. You seem down to earth and are very transparent which i appreciate and can relate. your goals are amazing and so real and you’ve shared struggles that so many moms & women face. You work hard, are an amazing mom and take time for yourself and your marriage which so is so hard often times. I’ve started feeling empowered by much of what you share and I’m thankful for that little push that I needed to get back on an exercise routine for my mind and body. thank you and wishing you continued success in 2018!!

  13. That mom guilt thing is so real! I’m working on getting over it as well! I try to remind myself that everything i’m doing is to create a better and more fulfilling life for myself and my son. I’m sure you will accomplish all of your goals! I can’t wait to see what you have in store this year! good luck and blessings on everything!


  14. Loved this post! I would say the first goal is to start exercising. I hate it but I gained about 15-20 lbs. My wedding is in August so I want to go back down to my usual weight. You make it look so easy and fun!

  15. Amazing post! I know some people think new year’s resolutions are silly but i love them! It’s a really great way to get back in touch with yourself and hold yourself accountable to new and better habits! I love some of your’s – they might make their way onto my list too!

    Want to know where to find designer pieces for less? Check out my newest post now!  https://blushandbordeaux.com/buy-designer-for-less/

  16. Great post- thanks for sharing! I’m a first time mama-to-be and have to go back to work full time and already worried about dealing with mom guilt. i love watching women killing it like this, it’s such an inspiration! And as you said, your kids will be inspired by your example as they grow up.

  17. Love all thEse!! Especially letting go of mom guIlt that one is so hard as moms!! AlAlso, where is the sweater you weRe wearing in your IG stories when you were talking about this blog post from? I have been on a search for it.

  18. Love this post! my resolutions are to drink more water, take better care of my skin, reach 1,000 subscribers on my youtube channel,
    strengthen my relationship w/ God & read the bible more often, practice photography + lettering,
    be open to new experiences, limit cell phone & electronic usage, and
    get more sleep (go to bed earlier)!! thank you for the inspirat rach. ?

  19. I loved this post! I was so inspirEd by your Fit progress. I thought you looked amazing before, but i loved to read how tou felt more active and healthy. I decided to Get fit this year for my reSolution. I want to have more confidenCe and feel good in my own skin. Thank you for inspiring me!

    1. Thank you Aly!! I love your goal of getting fit! Just remember it’s a process. But for sure taking progress photos because that’s what inspires me the most!

      xo, Rach

  20. Love these goals rachAEl! Especially the goal to get up a lIttle earlier eVeryday to get your stuff done! I am a college student, Pre-Med & i don’t Have enough time to blog during the week!

    Happy new year!
    Alexa sue-ANNE DUDLEY

  21. My mom worked full time while i was growing up, but was alWays there for Dinner every night, sPorting events, and field trips. It was the best to be raised by a mom who was Following her passion and being a #boss and making her family a priority at the same time. You’re doiNg great and are a great example to your children!

  22. My #1 goal is to make fitness part of my daily life again. before kids i ran regularly, including a marathon. Now as a stay at home mom with two kids two and under, I haven’t made myself a priority. working out is the best way to make me feel better about myself. your fitness journey is inspiring!

    Question for you…I know you work out at 6 or 7 before your kids wake up. what if they happen to wake up early one morning? does drew get up with them?

    1. Thank you Erica!! Fitness is amazing so I love that that’s one of your goals for the New Year. Ya if either of them happen to wake up early (it’s usually Jackson) then Drew will get him and be with him. Then once I’m home he can get ready and head to work!

      xo, Rach

  23. I love the idea of diet coke only on the weekends! I always try (and fail) to cut it out completley so letting MYself have it on the weekends is such a good compromise! Cheers to saTurDay and sunday! ???

  24. Now that my kids are getting older, i want to make sure i get one on one time with them each Week. Even if its just taking one of them to the grocery store, or hanging out In their room, i want to make sure i have good, focused and sincere conversations with them each Week.
    And something we do in the sojth is chat with everyone in The checkout line! It helps with being patient for sure, And ive leArned so many amazing things about people just by striking up a conversaTion while we are waiting in line at the store! Just an idea. Thanks for sharing all your goals!

    1. I love your goals!! Especially the one-on-one time with your kids each week and to chat with people in the check-out lines. We’re all in this together right?! Thanks for taking the time to share Lori!

      xo, Rach

  25. Personal prayers are on my list, too. My hubby and i are great at prayIng together every night, but often times I’m asleep before i even start my personal prayers. Another goal of mine is to read more…reading things i WANT to read not have to.

    Beautiful pictures as always!?

  26. I think keeping The goal list small is such a great idea. I too have a tendency to set too many & then it becomes overwhel. Great post! I dont think the mommy guilt ever gets easier! :( you are such a great role model for your sweet babes! Much love for this new year xx

  27. I love hearing about other people’s goals! I pray to God every night because it was too much to try to do it in the morning since that is my busiest time. I totally understand the mom guilt thing. The thing I have to work on the most is learning to take some time for myself both in terms of eating and also just getting out of the house. I have a severely disabled child that requires 24/7 care and needs help with everything since he can’t move at all and do anything for himself. I do an excellent job of meeting all of his needs including making sure that he eats a super Foods blenderized die that i make from scratch ( he eats with the feeding tube.). I never really get a day off. When I get up in the morning, I take care of him and then I try to knock out as many things as possible on my to do list. I prefer to get those things done before I have breakfast or do anything for myself. I am very organized, efficient and a pretty good time manager but taking time for myself has become a real challenge. I overcame uterine cancer last year and it is very important that I take care of myself. In terms of patience, I was not very patient when I was your age. I am really patient now. What helped me a lot was putting myself in other people’s shoes. Because my son is so disabled, I view the world from his eyes. He would love to do all of the things that I do. What helps me with him is looking in his eyes. I wrote a blog post many years ago called if my child’s face were mirror what would it say… You don’t want your child to be looking at you rushing around and not being present in the moment. You want to really connect with your children and to be the kind of mother that you have always dreamed to be. When I focus on that, I learned to be very patient.

    1. Wow, what a powerful comment. Thank you so much for sharing Sue!! You are amazing and so is your son. I love viewing yourself as your kids view you and I hope Isla and Jackson see the kind of mother I’m working so hard to be for them.

      xo, Rach

  28. I thought maybe this Could help with your mom guilt: i am 22 and my sister is 20. We grew up with my mom working, getting promotIons, and being the Breadwinner. I have always beamed with pride when i think of my mom working. I have never wished she was a stay at home mom. In some ways i feel sorry for girls that grow up with stay at home moms because they dont have an example set for them of how to be a working woman. I loved having a mom that worked, and your kids will be proud of you.

  29. rach!

    I haven’t been here in a long time, but it’s these kinds of posts that make me feel like I KNOW you. And remind me of the days when I first discovered your cute blog. remember the City Creek Grand opening?

    I love hearing other people’s goals and what they’re striving for, too. I want to talk about this stuff all year long. I love resolutions because it’s the one time of year when we can all say, “Me too” and be ok with the fact that we’re not perfect and don’t have it all figured out. And we see other people who we think have it all figured out saying, “I have goals, too.” Ahh, it’s just the best. There’s room for all of us.

    I can’t wait to read that book! It’s been on my list, but I’ve been burying myself in Brene Brown books for several months and they’ve changed my life. If you want to add any to your list this year (maybe to help with the patience goal), check hers out. So inspiring.

    You are doing so much and are inspiring more people than you know. as a working/blogging mom myself, i can completely relate to the mom guilt. I guess I’m just grateful you said that because I still look at some people like you who look like they never struggle (an unfair assumption, I know) and I assume you have it figured out and never feel mom guilt and it’s so comforting to know I’m not alone in that. I’m with you on looking for the positive spin in 2018.

    So happy to still be following along and seeing all that you accomplish. Keep it up!


    1. Amanda!!!! Yes!!! Oh my gosh it feels like just yesterday. Time is going by so fast!! I feel like we all need to be there for each other and support each other, so thank you so much for your comment! I love following your blog still too!

      xo, Rach

  30. I have a goal to attend the temple twice a month. I also would love to book 10 weDdings and work more closely with bloggers both as a photographer and a friend, aS i am trying to break into the BLOGGING community. I want to Blog at least once a week and land my first big campaign!

  31. your professional goal is so similar to mine . i always have so much mom guilt and its one of my this years new year resolution to stop this feeling.

    love reading your posts always ! much love ~

  32. I completely understand the mom guilt and going to work. My girl is 19 months and she will cry every day I leave for work saying “mama no work” …. It breaks my heart. But a wise mama once told me that by working, I’m showing my daughter iT’S possible to have a career and a family; So she can believe anything is possible. Keep slaying it Rach!!! Xo

  33. Hi Rachel! Thank you so much for aharing your goals for this year! The book you are a badass is my favorite book! What a great idea to re-read it. I havent read it in almost 2 years but now i want to again.

    Also, i love thAt you acknowledge that having 2 businesses, being a mom, a wife, etc…is busy, dEmanding, and you cant always give 100% of your attention 100% of the time to your kids. I work in an office and have a side job too, and i really want to work on not being sp hard on myself when i do have to leave my daughter. I know iT will be awesome for her to grow up and see my work ethic, but the mom guilt is real! And it doesnt help that someone always has something to say when im not staying home with her.
    Lastly, i love that you are makingb time for regular date nights with drew. I hate to admit this but my daughter is 19 months old And my hubs and i probably have been on 2 maybe 3 date nights since she was born! Defi something i need to work on.
    Anyways, sorry im so long-winded! Your blog post was awesome and i enjoyed reading it this morning!

  34. I totally am with you in the personal nightly prayer, bc even when I do it I’m so tired that it is super short and thoughtless. My other goals are to read the whole ensignevery month, make sleep a big priority, and to cut out refined sugar.

  35. So awesome to read! I am in the middle of reading you are a badass & like you said, such a game changer! My goals are to find my place & grow my blog in this industry to motivate & inspire women to be healthy creatives, continue growing my relationship with my new hubby & find time each week to just be!

    1. Love your goals Helen! And love that you are reading that book! Let me know your thoughts once you’ve finished it!

      xo, Rach

  36. Wonderful post!
    Prayers are 1! Simply to share that & not be afraid to Ge get criticized (which is beyond In insulting and ridiculous that one would even comment on the power of prayer ) slow down! Gosh, that is Hard! Right….
    MIne are:
    Do more for me! Learn that i can do things without my kiddos (which is so hard) once again! Hard to let go! They are little for a shOrt time. & it floes by too fast!
    Get my kids into modeling. I know sounds like ? but, i want them to explore a world That is bright and wonderdul.
    Most importantly live life! Healhy! Be and stay positive!

  37. Great resolutions! I should make all the above resolutions myself. I too am not a patient person. I’m wondering what you mean buy being patient with yourself. DiD you mean being less critical of yourself..

    1. Ya! Just to not be so hard on myself when I make a mistake and to take each day one at a time and realizing that life happens and usually doesn’t go according to plan, and that’s ok!

      xo, Rach

  38. I think we Often think of New year’s goals (my preferred word over resolutions) as having to be big, drastic changes…
    but I think we can do little things to make a difference in our own lives as well as the lives of those we love and associate with in everyday life. as women, we need to be kinder to each other and know that we’re all just trying to do our best. here’s to 2018!

    1. Totally 100% agree! We are all just trying to do our best and we need to help each other to achieve our best self! I love it. Thanks for sharing.

      xo, Rach


  40. Love these rach! Great idea to only have Dc on the weekends. I originally sAid only 12Oz a day, but i like the weekeNd idea better! I also need to drink more h20 so the 1/2 your body wt in oZ makes it easy! Jord and i aLso try to do one date night per weekend. I set a personal goal to do one thing every day to serve my hubby as well. I like your daily prayer goal, you’re Not the only one who forgets. Ha. I also have a hard time REMEMBERING to Read my sCriptures so i got this book that has short spiritual Quotes and i try to read one each day. (They are super Short but at least im trying!). Thanks for sharing :) xo – sHelb

    1. I love your goals!! Especially to do one thing every day to serve your husband. I love that so much. Maybe I’ll steal it! Thanks for sharing :)

      xo, Rach

  41. I just finished that book lasg night! Loved it. Really had a ah ha moment the last few chapters. So gratfeul for the power we posses and that the Lord has given us the Power to grt wealth and healtH and Anything our heart desires. From one badAss to another. Bisous! Happy New year.

  42. Two goals: Focus More on my kids and not the insanity of having Kids. Ha. And start a blog to write for myself snd share info with other women. ? wish me luck!

  43. Curiois what time your kids wake up? Id have to get up super early To het a workoit done becore my kids get up and they’d probably hear me getting ready and wake up before i was out the door!

  44. Love this post! I have similar goals and many of them are introspective. One of my biggest goals is to: let go. I finD myself trying to control more and more in my life the older i get, and i have decided to try and relaX and focus on what is within my reach. I also want Surround myself with positive people Who lift me up, and no one who brings me down. Also, taking time for me and my fiance every week! Even when you live with your significant other, you can forget to make the time intentional.

    Also- to work on my blog! On hillbrook lane @Onhillbrooklane. Thanks foe inspiring rachel!

  45. Hey rach, love the blog and the insta page. Im wanting to create a vision board for my personal achieveMents this year. I haven’t done one before. Are Yours physical boards or online? Any tips or ideas would be appreciated!
    Thanks christie x

  46. Hi Rachel!
    Thank you for sharing your goals! I’ve found your fitness journey super inspiring and started running as a result! Thanks again and here’s hoping for an awesome 2018!

  47. Love these goals! I may borrow a few :) I also had a quick question for you- awhile back, I think i remember you mentioning on maybe an IG story that you were going to do a post on how to make a somewhat “custom” closet out of items from IKEA. Are you still planning on doing that? would be VERY interested to see what you did.

    Happy Happy New Year to you and your sweet family!

  48. Happy New year rachel! Your goals are inspiring. VERY EXCITED FOR YOU, THANKS FOR SHARING! My goals are PROFESSIONALLY TO GROW MY BLOG & PERSONALLY to focus more on health + WELLNESs. such as MEDITATING, EFT tapping (worth googling & trying out!)and completely cutting back on sugar. Here’s to a magical 2018! Xo kyranna | http://www.hostedwithlove.com

  49. We have some similar GOALS Like your personal and HEALTh Goals. My professional GOALS are to grow my Wedding and event design company and know that’s it okay to do that with BEIng a mother too.

  50. Love your resolutions! What time do you get up in the morning, what time do you go to bed and how much sleep do you get? I find that to be the hardest for me when I do morning workouts–to be able to go to sleep early enough to get ~7-8 hours and still get that workout in before i go to the office.

  51. I really love this longer post, your style is so conversational, I would love to hear your voice more on your blog posts. I realise that takes time – which as demonstrated above, you do not have a whole lot of to spare!- but every so often i think we would enjoy reading longer posts from you! thanks so much for sharing! wishing you and your beautiful family a wonderful 2018!

  52. I love love love that you are kicking ass with your clothing line. You’re creating such great pieces that are trendy yet classic but also seem to stay so in tune with your own style. Keep up the amazing work! Can’t wait to see what’s to come. xx

  53. Any goal is feasible if well planned. I recommend trying the iSmart.Life app. I use this app to planning my goals, tasks, projects.This is a very simple and free web app. Has many useful features: goals, projects, budgets, notes, reports, etc You can see the demo and decide whether it suits you or not…

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