Family & Turkey...

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays and this year was no exception!
Emily and I planned on having our families {Drew,Tay and Capri} sleep over at my Mom's house the night
before Thanksgiving because the Turkey Trot {a race my family has run every Thanksgiving for the past 5 years}
was so early in the morning.
We decided Thanksgiving night to sleep over again for Black Friday shopping
and the sleep overs turned into a 4-day slumber party at my parents house and we had SO much fun.

Wednesday: Cheesecake Factory with the cousins, shopping ALL day, dodging people at the grocery
store and checking and re-checking grocery lists for Thanksgiving dinner.

Thursday: Turkey Trot race {Capri and the stroller were my running partners} a long nap by the fire,
baking, cooking, cleaning and stressing out over my food assignments {two-batches of Orange Rolls} spending time
with amazing family, playing games and watching {Drew's favorite} Christmas Vacation.

Friday: Walmart shopping at mid-night {only Drew went but was home in about 15 minutes because that place was so crazy}
shopping with all the girls {at normal hours of the day} boys shopping at who knows where, Christmas
lights at Temple Square, Hot Cocoa and Z-Tejas.

Saturday: Lounging in our sweats all day and just relaxing, Me, Em, Tay, Amy and Drew getting stir
crazy and using the new app Find My Friends {great for stalking your sisters}
to find my little sis Megs at her friends house, Drew being chased down by a high-school footballer
and a text from meg that said: "you all are creeps!"

Sunday: Church, playing with the family and sigh of relief from Drew and Tay that the slumber-
party extravaganza at the Skalla home was finally over.
At the race there was a naked Indian and a naked horse, he is the naked horse..kind of disturbing
The two grandmas
Drew's first time on Trax, he was very excited!

I'm so grateful for such an amazing family!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving
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