Finding your own style this holiday season...

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Here is my post that was featured today at Through the Eyes of the Mrs.

The Holidays are notorious for stress in the clothing department for most of us women {myself included}.
The pressures to look sparkly and fabulous at all the family get togethers, work parties and hot
cocoa lunch dates with our girlfriends add to that stress. Am I right??

I have had lots of reader emails asking me if I have any tips for
assembling the perfect holiday outfit for all of the social events that come along with the holidays.

So how can you find that perfect holiday look that everyone will ooohhh and aaawww at, and, most importantly,
a look that YOU will feel confident and gorgeous in, that reflects your style.

One of my very favorite quotes about style was said by Lauren Hutton and it's worded perfectly:
What's your style and why do you choose certain clothing items over others?

Here is MY answer on how to find your own style for the holidays, that indeed, your friends and family
will ooohhh and aaawww at...

First: Make a list of your top style icons and try and put your finger on why they are in fact your style
icon and what draws you to the looks they wear.

The women who inspire my personal style through their iconic style are:
1. Jenna Lyons {J.Crew's Creative Director and President}
2. Kate Middleton {We all know who she is}
3. Lauren Hutton {American model-actress/ Lauren Hutton Makeup}
I look to these women often {on google/pinterest} and find outfit inspiration from their past outfits for
big events I'm attending. Putting an outfit together is an art {at least I think it is} and every great artist
in some way or another is greatly inspired by the masterpieces they create.
So if you are stuck in your closet on Friday night with only 20 minutes before you have to leave to go
to your gingerbread making party and you can't put an outfit together, hop on your Internet and
find some style inspiration, then go back in your closet and work from there.
I spend lot's of time doing this and it's where a lot of my fashion inspiration comes from.

Second: Spend time looking through the latest fashion magazines such as InStyle, People StyleWatch
etc. To achieve the right kind of sparkly and fabulous outfit, you need to be current on the trend radar.
I have a monthly subscription to InStyle and I pick up People StyleWatch often at the grocery
store..they truly are the fashion bible and a key to helping you keep your style current.

Third: Confidence is key when it comes to looking and feeling beautiful. If you're not being true to yourself
and picking pieces that reflect who you are, what your style is and what you feel comfortable in, than
no matter how sparkly and fabulous you really do look, you won't feel sparkly and fabulous..
and how you feel about how you look is most important.

So when choosing your holiday outfits this season, make sure you LOVE it and that it
reflects your style and who you are.
Another Lauren Hutton quote on fashion and about feeling comfortable and confident about what you wear:

Style is tricky because sometimes your style can depend on what kind of mood you're in on a certain
day, what stage of life your at etc. When finding your style this holiday season, simply wear what you

Now that I have gone through my three steps to finding your own style and tips to find that perfect holiday outfit,
I have an example of how I put together a look that I found inspiration from and felt confident and comfortable in.

I found my inspiration from Jenna Lyons. She wore a collard shirt, glitter tank, jean jacket and necklace
layers on the Martha Stewart Show last year and I fell in love with this fabulous look
It's hard to see her layers of fabulous in this picture so here is the link to the video clip
I love her denim jacket but haven't been able to find one with the right fit, instead I grabbed a pull-over
sequin sweater to replace the denim jacket, I used a classic red button-up to add a pop of color and some
Christmas spirit to my inspired look, the outfit is finished off with layers of sparkly necklaces and
a bright red lip.
Top: J.Crew Factory / Sweater: J.Crew Factory / Pants: Gap / Boots: Nordstrom / Necklaces: J.Crew, Ann Taylor
Lipstick: Ruby Woo
I challenge all you fashionistas to embrace your own style this holiday season and to be on the lookout for style/outfit
inspiration... keep your eyes open it's all around you!

And... for ten ways to instantly polish your look for the holidays and everyday click here

Thanks for featuring this post on your lovely blog Beth


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