Easy and Effective Haircare Products I Buy Again and Again...

Easy and Effective Haircare Products I Buy Again and Again...

Something I'm always getting questions about is my haircare routine, especially since I'm always trying to make my super fine hair look naturally full and healthy. Basically, I have this really soft texture with a TON of individual strands, so I like products that make my hair vibrant and manageable but don't add weight or make it look greasy. 

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite products I use for easy styling and daily maintenance, including a bunch that work great for a variety of hair types but especially well for mine. I especially love the Aquis hair wrap and BrushX tool: they have cut my drying and styling time in half and make my fine hair look super full and polished. I also can't live without the Unite leave-in conditioner (I use for my both my hair and Isla Rose's) and this daily dry shampoo (the easiest way to refresh my hair between washes). Tap the links below to shop!

Rachel Parcell Haircare Products and Inspo 

^^ 1. Pureology Purple Shampoo / 2. Dailies Gummy Vitamins / 3. Olaplex Bond Maintenance Shampoo /  / 4. Aquis Fast-Dry Hair Wrap / 5. IGK Texture Spray / 6. BrushX Tools / 7. Dae Cactus Flower Leave-In Conditioner / 8. Paul Mitchell Flat Iron / 9. Wet Brush / 10. Kenra Professional Volume Hairspray / 11. Oribe Texture Spray / 12. IGK Dry Shampoo / 13. Unite 7 Seconds Leave-In Conditioner / 14. Paul Mitchell Curling Iron / 15. Wide Tooth Comb


Below: See some of my favorite haircare products in action
in my post on How to Create My Signature Hair Waves!

Easy and Effective Hair Care Products

Wide Tooth Comb

Rachel Parcell Haircare Products

How to Create My Signature Hair Waves



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