Day Four {Stocking Stuffers for Him}...

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Women are so easy to shop for. There are thousands of choices between a cute top, a lip gloss, sparkly
earrings, a killer pair of shoes, an awesome wallet or a handbag.
However, men seem to be the HARDEST to shop for!
{and they are all SO dang picky, even though they claim they're not}

I did my research and here are some great stocking stuffer ideas that the men in your life will LOVE.

I had my husband pick out his fav's of the stuffers I put together.

Drew's Stocking Stuffer Picks:
#3: The Smart Phone Savvy Gloves {you don't have to remove your gloves when using your smart phone}
#5:Dress Socks {Drew always seem to run out of these}
#9:Gift Card to your man's Fav restaurant
#10:Razor Heads + Shaving Cream {every man is need of those two items}
#11:Shower Mirror{I got this for Drew last Christmas, he uses it daily and told me to tell all you
ladies that you MUST get your husband, boyfriend, brother, dad etc. a shower mirror}


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