Day Five {A Blouse, A Skinny Belt, A Necklace + Two Ways to Rock Them}...

For the holidays and the new up and coming year, what should your wardrobe consist of?
Well I'll tell you three pieces that are a MUST have for all you fashionistas...
1: The silky blouse
2: The over sized necklace
3: The skinny belt

These are three staples that every girl should add to her wardrobe for the upcoming year because there
are a million ways to wear them!

Here are two looks that I put on my gorgeous sister-in-law, Katelyn...

First Look: Festive + Dressy
Blouse: J.Crew {same blouse on sale! click here, similar style here}/ Belt: Bananna Republic {old} / Necklace: J.Crew {old} {similar style here and here}Skirt: Nanette Lapore {similar style here, here and here} /
Shoes: Steve Maden / Watch: Michael Kors
Second Look: Cool + Casual
Blouse, Belt, Necklace{linked above} / Vest: Nordstrom {old} {similar style here and here}/ Pants: Joes /
Boots: Jeffery Campbell

I receive a lot of reader emails asking me what to spend the big bucks on and what to bargain on
My response: No matter what store you shop at ALWAYS buy on a bargain deal BUT
spend the big bucks on pieces that are classic and timeless.

The Silky Button up Blouse:
These are super hot right now but will always remain a classic staple in your closet.
My favorite silk blouse is found at J.Crew Click here to view.
Of course you want to feel like your getting a deal but don't feel bad that your paying a little
more than you usually do for a top like the button up blouse, your closet will thank you.

The Skinny Belt:
Don't spend the big bucks on that. You can find an adorable belt
at Forever 21 for $5.00 that is just as cute as a belt from J.Crew or Nordstrom that's $30.00
That will be a piece that stays in your closet for a long time as well.

The Chunky Necklace:
I go mid-priced, a set of chunky pearls or sparkle necklace, for the most part, will be a classic piece as well.
My favorite places to buy these {on sale} are J.Crew and Ann Taylor.
Most range from about $38-80

Hope this inspired some shopping! Be on the look for these items on the after Christmas sales!!

Happy Friday and be sure to check back tomorrow, The 12 Days of Christmas runs through the weekend this week!

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