Rachel Parcell / Pink Peonies Office Reveal…

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The day is finally here!!! I’m revealing my office space that my little team and I now work out of weekly to create posts for Pink Peonies and design all of the pieces that are apart of my clothing line, Rachel Parcell. Pink Peonies was the first business I ever created and it began nearly five years ago in this little office. While this new office is in my home and still small compared to most business office’s, I’m SO proud of how far I’ve taken both of my companies and all of the long hours I’ve spent building them. None of it would be possible without all of you, my incredible readers. I know I say this a lot but truly thank you, thank you for all of the support you’ve shown to me over the years.

You can see the full article and room feature today on Glitter Guide!

Logo Decals: Urban Walls ℅

**Recieve 20% off site wide this week only at Lulu and Georgia! Use Code: PINKPEONIES20
Black and Gold Dresser: Lulu and Georgia 
Black Polka Dot Pillow: Lulu and Georgia 
Round Table: Lulu and Georgia
Black Chairs: Lulu and Georgia
Pink Bench: Lulu and Georgia
Coffe Table: Lulu and Georgia
Full Length Mirror: Lulu and Georgia
Bar Cart: Lulu and Georgia
Table Lamp: Lulu and Georgia
Floor Lamp: Lulu and Georgia 
Calendar: Lulu and Georgia
(all ℅)
Blush Pink Sofa: Rachel Ashwell ℅
Blush Pink Pillow: Anthro
Marble Top Desk: Wayfair
White Desks: Wayfair
Chandelier: Wayfair 
Console Table: Wayfair
Ghost Chair: Wayfair
(all ℅)
White and Gold Office Chairs: Rachel George
Stapler: Rachel George
Pink Pens: Rachel George
(all ℅)
Monogrammed Agenda Planner: Gigi New York ℅
Blush Pink Leather Box: Gigi New York ℅
Floating Shelves: Ikea
Gallery Wall Frames: Ikea



xo, Rach

Images by Nicole Hill Gerulat.

xo, Rach
Rachel Parcell / Pink Peonies Office Reveal…
Rachel Parcell / Pink Peonies Office Reveal…
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96 thoughts on “Rachel Parcell / Pink Peonies Office Reveal…

  1. This is beautiful! It must make working so much more fun walking into such a gorgeous space! What is the shade of pink you used on the walls?

  2. Your office is beautiful!! Love how you divided it to be useful and yet everything goes together nicely. What a fun and creative working space! I also love the logo decals and the colors you chose for the room! CONGRATS, your hard work is paying off! Thanks for sharing your office and for making such fantastic content that we all keep coming back!!

  3. Wow!! You never cease to create beautiful spaces that inspire creativity and showcase your truly, aesthetically beautiful mind of design. I love the various sitting areas throughout your office… perfect for collaborative efforts! That fuchsia bench is gorgeous!

    All the Cute ?

  4. Simply SPECTACULAR! eye popping design, yet subtle with class and filled with distinct style and sprinkled upon with personal touches . . . This is definitely a signature of your style! Congratulations on a beautiful workplace design . . This is where creative minds and meet. Secrets finally exposed! I really love it! :)

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  5. This is THE most incredible office space I have ever seen. Fantastic, beautiful job! You’ve done amazingly well with your businesses, I have just started my own stationery business and I hope one day I make as much as an impact as you. Looking beautiful as well!!

    Fab post! xx

  6. Ur office is fantastic, a true embodiment of ur style and vision. U r such a bright & beautiful inspiration to me:) thank u:)

  7. Absolute perfection! Would you mind sharing the paint colors you used? I’ve been looking for the perfect pink for my daughters nursery and this color is divine!

  8. This office is so gorgeous! So in love! You have such a fabulous eye for design! Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to see the wonderful work that comes out of this space! Xoxo

  9. Congratulations! So excited for you! Your space is GORGEOUS!!! I love how you decorated your space. It’s so feminine and pretty. Just stunning! There are so many details I love about your space. I’ve been wanting a new bar cart and was looking at that exact one, but there are so many things I need to get before I even get to the cart. lol Amazing job on this office!


  10. OMG! It looks like right out of heaven. So many thoughtful small things. It is so beautiful. An absolute delight it must be to work out of this dreamy place.

    P.S. I thought of writing my favorite parts, but then I almost wrote a paragraph. So let’s just say that I LOVE IT!

  11. There’s no doubt this is a beautiful space and you’ve worked hard and also been brave to put yourself and your fashion out into the world to get to this point, but as with many of your interior posts, it certainly is a whole lot easier to create such a space when the ENTIRE room was give to your for free c/o each company as is the case with this office, your outdoor space and your guest bedroom along with Isla’s nursery. I wish it was the people who struggle that could be given such blessings and not the ones who already make so much money that they could in fact pay for it on their own. Such is life.

  12. Bonjour Rachel, félicitations for your office so Nice and chic. I hope you can deliver in France. Friendly. Véronique

  13. I love all the design elements and details so tastefully done! My fav is the gold chandelier and pink rug!! I painted my twin daughters study the same dark pink and still love it!!!

  14. Hi Rachel,

    Oh.My.Goodness. There are no words to describe how beautifully thought out this room is! I am an interior designer based in the UK, and this is stunning. The colours, the use of space, the balance of everything is just so so so perfect!. I love your blog and your clothing line and one day hope my blog is as successful as yours. I am so obsessed with your office! would you do a full home tour?

    Thank you for being you!
    Zoe Green [wardrobewhispers.com]

  15. Hi saw you thru Hello fashion’s post today with your link in it but it was not working for me. I want to subscribe. Would you please sign me up to subscribe to your blog posts. Your blog looks fun! Thanks! Maria

  16. Hi rachel! I love the paint color on your home, love your home too. I saw the colors for the briCk and door mentioned, But i sidnt see a color noteD for the trim and shutters. Can yoU share thaT color as well, please? Thank you!
    Best, Valerie

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