Our New Home: The Library…

This post has been LONG awaited. We started working on the plans of building our home over three years ago and the thought of having a finished space to live in, let alone photographed to share with all of you seemed like a lifetime away- yet here we are!!! I’m so excited to kick off our new home tour with the library. The entryway is light and airy and as you peer into our home your eyes instantly catch and are drawn into this moody, cozy and inviting space.

How it became a Library over a Home Office:

We had a home office in our previous home with a formal desk that most times felt sterile and un-inspiring to sit at while working. When Drew and I were talking with our designers to kick off the ‘the home office’ space it was clear that this room was always meant to be a library. I love how the Alice Lane design team opted for a work table with three cozy leather chairs and one comfy and plush velvet sofa for gathering over one large desk meant for one. So far we have played many rounds of Mexican Train and Drew and I have both gotten loads of work done on our laptops while the kids stack up their blocks or color, all while being all while being side-by-side at the same table. It’s one of my favorite moments of the room. I love how collaborative it feels.

Why this space is so personal and meaningful:

This room holds so much meaning. The shelves are filled with pottery and artifacts from Drew’s time in Peru. He lived there for two years serving a mission for our church when he was 19. He learned the language and was fully immersed in the culture. In those two years he fell in love with the people, it was a momentous event in his life and time that will always be cherished.  He brought back so many beautiful treasures from the people he served and before this space, those treasures had been sitting in a dusty box for over ten years! I’m so glad Alice Lane saw the beauty and meaning in each piece and found such beautiful places for them. If you look in the images you’ll be able to spot the pottery and the hand woven baskets.

The Art: 

Another piece that is so special in our library is the original artwork created by our dear friend, Rob FranceI’m sad the photographer didn’t get a closer shot- it’s the artwork on the left side of the mantle. In these images ‘BIRDY’ (as Jackson calls him) is placed in a temporary frame but he’s currently in the hands of an incredible framer who is doing a custom matte and frame.  I’ll share once I get him back!!

You can shop our library collection here.

Paint Color Narragansett Green by Benjamin Moore c/o

Design by Alice Lane Interiors 

Furniture and Lighting from Alice Lane Home Collection 

Photography by Lindsay Salazar

xo, Rach
Our New Home: The Library…
Our New Home: The Library…
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45 thoughts on “Our New Home: The Library…

  1. I love the idea of a library on the home. I’ve always dreamed of a home library. Do you have a window seat in this room? Lovely space Rachel

  2. Just beautiful!!!
    The color combinations are striking! love the BM Paint & how the color extends across to the curtains & ceiling to complete the room. the gold/brass accents, the rug, & fur/tiger pillows are the icing on the cake! What a jewel box of a library!!! Just Lovely!

  3. Rachel – this library is exceptional! the design and details of this space are so perfectly done. great job by alice lane. I hope you continue to enjoy this space with your family.

  4. This IS the Most BEAUTIFUL room i have ever Seen in a private home. It’s surreal!! Congrats on your new Home! Greetings from Vienna

  5. What a beautiful library, Rachel! ? As soon as I saw your IG stories I identified handicrafts from my country ❤️ and came fast to see the whole interior design. Amazing work and such a perfect display of this traditional pieces. The furniture, color palette, and of course Jackson and Dash, the best models ?

  6. Absolutely love the meaning behind the design of the room and all the special pieces that you can finally display. I am sure that looking at those brings back so many incredible memories for Drew and that each one acts as a reminder of what is important to your family.

    Also the dark color is AMAZING!

    xo Mary-Katherine

  7. Hi Rach! Huge fan of yours, and swooning over Your beautiful library. Can you provide Some additional information on the bookshelves? I love how (it seems) you can adjust the height Of each shelf with the tongue and groove. Is this a custom design? Any recommendations for installing this?

  8. I absolutely LOVE this room! we just built a house as well and have been working on decorating it in a similar style; however, it is tough to find pictures as I do not know what you actually call this “style” — thoughts?

  9. absolutely stunning rach!! (and drew of course) i love every detail and especially love how warm and inviting it looks. it’s not “stuffy” looking like most libraries/home office spaces can be and can ACCOMMODATE everyone in the family. even dash!! i cannot wait to see the other spaces in your new home. it’s a dream..

  10. This is really innovative!!! IT’S A COMBINATION OF ELEGANCE AND FUNCTION THAT SHOWCASES DREW’S PERU TREASURES AND ALSO GIVES SPACES FOR THE FAMILY TO SPEND TIME TOGETHER. YOU AND ALICE LANE TEAM HAVE created a new definition of home office!!!! It doesn’t have to have a large desk it can be a round table where people can work together side by side and where kids can play boardgames there when they get a little older.
    You and the alice lane team never fail to surprise me!!!!
    Thanks for sharing your private space to us. Coz I have an imaginery home I can entertain myself when I am alone.

  11. Such a beautiful room and I love the idea of a library instead of a home office. Every detail is perfect! Thank you for sharing and I cannot wait to see the rest of your stunning new home.

  12. your library is absolutely stunning! I’ve been following your instagram for years now, and i recently decided to take the plunge and create.a study/personal development blog and an instagram account for my art work: @zahraserajart. I really hope you might be able to check it out ;) as I would like to get permission from you to draw Isla Rose!


  13. love love. so cozy! was wondering if it’s a wood burning or gas burning fireplace. if it is gas burning, which one did you get? i was thinking of adding a fireplace to our master but due to new construction restrictions, we can only do gas burning. thanks so much

  14. Hi – i love the way this room looks. I have a similar room and Am trying to do something Along these lines. May i ask what the dimensions of this room are? I was hoping to see if i could get away with a similar furniture arrangement (my room’s dimensions are 10×16.

    Thnaks! Jason

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