Fall Collection Photoshoot NYC iPhone Diary…

^^ Woke up at 5:00 AM for hair and make up

^^ Had to make a stop at the flower market for some gorgeous blooms!

^^ Location 1: Brooklyn Bridge

^^ Early morning on the Brooklyn Bridge. We started shooting super early so the bridge was nearly empty. It was pretty surreal to be on that bridge shooting a piece from collection. Definitely a life moment I will never forget!

^^Hair and makeup touch-ups!

^^ Tribeca for look #4

^^ Location 5: Washington Square Park

Location 9: The Conservatory Garden at Central Park

^^ Lunch break! Vodka Pasta from Patsy’s to give us energy for 7 more looks. We ate in our car while we drove to next location. I’m craving that pasta right now!

^^ Switching up hair and make up for look 6. (This is one of my favorite dresses in the entire collection).


^^ The dream team (including our driver Nagy) This shoot wouldn’t have been possible without each and every one of them. Best team!

^^ 13 looks in one day! That’s a wrap!

^^ Enjoying my favorite treat after a long day of shooting! Chocolate macaroons are my weakness!! I literally ate an entire box by myself!

Happy Thursday!! Our Fall Collection launches in FOUR days! We put so much into this collection and it is my favorite yet. I thought it would be fun to give you a little behind the scenes from my iPhone from our Fall Collection photoshoot. We shot the pieces from this collection at some of the most iconic places in New York City.  I couldn’t be more excited for you to be able to shop these gorgeous pieces! Make sure you are signed up for our newsletter to be the first to shop with early access shopping. You’ll get to view and shop one hour before every else! Also the first 150 orders will receive our blush pink hanger!

Our Fall Collection launches at 12:00 AM MST on Monday, August 27th. Mark your calendars!!!

xo, Rach
Fall Collection Photoshoot NYC iPhone Diary…
Fall Collection Photoshoot NYC iPhone Diary…
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25 thoughts on “Fall Collection Photoshoot NYC iPhone Diary…

  1. Stunning!!! I have loved every Piece that I have seen from sneak peaks. There are so MANY pIeces that i want to add to my rp collection. Your work is truly a worK of art and so beautiful!!! Thank you for creating such timeLess, beautIful pieces!! Xo

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I can’t wait to hear which pieces you end up adding to your RP collection.



  2. I am really interested in the buSiness side of what you do. At what poInt Did you decide you needed help and how fast fid that grow? Did you have a business background or degree? Obviously good instincts, a post regarding yOur business growTh and growing Pains and at what points & which areas you needed to expand etc… maybe i should interview yOu and start my blog there!!! ?

  3. I just Love this collectiOn! As soOn as it launcheS i’m going to get the yellow dress, it looks amazing! Can you plEasE share the details on the velveT, winE-colored heels you wore with it? Thanks so mucH!

  4. i cannot wait to see the whole fall collection!!it looks like you guys had the best time! and i love how organized you guys are with your gorgeous locations and all! so inspirational!

  5. Hey Rach, Love your collection and photos. Laduree sells Macarons not macaroons, macaroons are a completely different treat(also pronounced differently). Just thought you should know! :)

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