Baby Shower: A Family Celebration

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Today I’m SO excited to share my family baby shower with all of you! My sister-in-law, Jenica and I are both due one week apart from each other so my mother-in-law wanted to throw a big celebration with our family in honor of all three of the Parcell babies coming to the family this summer (yes, three babies!!). They actually delivered Jenica’s twins unexpectdally a few weeks ago due to health reasons and thankfully the babies are making progress in the NICU and we’re hoping they will get to come home soon. We feel so blessed that mama and both babies (little Goldie and Harris) are doing so well for how early they came! You can follow more of Jenica’s journey and see pics of the sweet babes here!

We kept the color scheme of the shower neutral because we didn’t want the shower to scream boy or girl since I’m prego with a boy and Jen was prego with a boy and a girl. We decided on the theme of rustic glamour. The mason jars, wood tables, whiskey barrels, cross back chairs and that incredible willow tree all gave the shower a rustic feel, while the gold accents, candles and vintage settee added just the right amount of glamour.

The family celebration turned out perfect. Delicious food, a beautiful atmosphere and even better company. We all felt as though we were in a midsummer night’s dream. You can find all of the event details below and also be sure to check out Style Me Pretty Living for the full feature and to see more photos!!

xo, Rach

xo, Rach
Baby Shower: A Family Celebration
Baby Shower: A Family Celebration
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80 thoughts on “Baby Shower: A Family Celebration

  1. Hi Rachel, the shower looks beautiful. I just wanted to tell you that the addresses are showing on the invitations. Not sure if you intended to block that out or not.

  2. I’m curious about posting the address on the invitation. I hope this isn’t someone’s home! Or are y’all not worried about that?

  3. Absolutely breathtaking! It really does look like Midsummer’s Nights Dream! What a lovely idea with so many of your family members. So glad that everyone is safe and healthy, and I will continue to pray that your pregnancy and delivery are safe and healthy as well. God bless!

  4. Was wondering where the X-back chairs were from. I have been hesitant to purchase the RH version because of the wicker seat and the chairs in your post seem to have a solid seat?

  5. Your shower is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

    My husband and I are expecting a baby boy this winter and I’ve been dying to find out when you will be doing your nursery reveal. I’d love to know when you’ll be sharing all the deets! Can’t WAIT to see it!

  6. Everything is absolutely gorgeous! I’m especially in love with your dress and was hoping you might be willing to share who it’s by or point me in the direction of a store or designer. I’m on my fourth pregnancy and after losing our last baby during the pregnancy I’m hoping that if this little one makes it long enough to do a photo shoot with our little bump and our two girls but I can’t find any dress, maternity or not, that I love. Any help would be appreciated! Blessings on the rest of your pregnancy and congrats!

  7. Rachel, you have great taste and I Love how all the details blend harmoniously!!! Please show us more pictures we love to see it!!!

    And i realise the photographer Mariko has a little ‘bias’ over your sister Megan!!! I personally think she’s really attractive! I think she thinks Megan’s attractive as well!

  8. Beautiful shower! I’m having mine in my backyard here in a few weeks also. I was curious where your dress was from? I’ve been looking for a white one and this one looks perfect!

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