My Kitchen Favorites…

Being in our new home, I have found that I am in my kitchen so much! I love baking, making dinner, and prepping snacks for my family and friends and I have noticed that there are products in my kitchen that I can’t live without! They’re my kitchen essentials that I use most and love!! Everything from our favorite drinking glasses, to baking sheets, and even my beloved kitchen soap scent!! 

Below find my kitchen essentials…


^^Set of White Mixing Bowls: Williams Sonoma – My favorite mixing bowls. I use them for my muffins, baking, popcorn and the list goes on…

^^Muffin Tin: Williams Sonoma | Flat Edge Cookie Sheet: William Sonoma | Standard Cookies Sheet: Williams Sonoma – My pans for baking. I love the gold, they’re so pretty and they’re the best baking pans function wise that I’ve used.

^^Paper Towel Holder: Horchow – My mom bought this for me as a house warming gift. Most unique paper towel holder I’ve seen.

^^Ceramic Pot: Makenzie-Childs – Not only my fave decor piece in my kitchen, but also my fave pot to make my soups and pasta!!! Form and function!!

^^Drinking Glasses: Williams Sonoma – If you don’t have the WS glasses you need to get them. You’ll thank me later. Obsessed!! Even Drew commented on them when we first moved in and told me good choice on the glasses!!

^^Kitchen Hand Soap: Barr-Co | Apothecary Reed Diffuser: Barr-Co – The scent of my kitchen!! I have this scent in candles, hand soap, a diffuser and my counter top cleaner. The scent is fresh and clean… just how a kitchen should smell!!

^^Surface Cleaner: Barr-Co

^^Dish Sponge Holder: Magnolia Home at Target (sold out, similar here ) – My sis-in-law got this sponge holder for me for my birthday. It’s one of my favorite items in my kitchen!! My kitchen sponge used to float around in my sink and I love that I have a place designated for it. Also, I love to get the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Much prettier than the green/yellow sponges and it cleans incredible too!!

^^Mr. Clean Magic Eraser White Dish Sponge: Target

^^Pottery Utensil Holder: Target – Found this cute piece at Target and I added rice to the bottom to have my spoons and whisks sit higher. Such a good price and such a cute addition to my stove top!

^^Fruit Bowl: Etú Home Handthrown Pottery Collection – Finally found the link to this bowl I shared on my stories a few weeks ago. I leave it out on my counter and fill it with fruit!! It’s such a beautiful piece an feels very farm house.

^^Phone Sanitizer: PhoneSoap – This is phone soap. It cleans your phone and gets all of the bacteria off!! The creator used to be in cancer research so they have a science background. The first thing I do when I get home from traveling is put my phone in my PhoneSoap. I first saw this company on Shark Tank and was excited to see they were a UT based company!! (PhoneSoap was gifted)



Set of White Mixing Bowls: Williams Sonoma

Standard Cookies Sheet: Williams Sonoma

Flat Edge Cookie Sheet: William Sonoma

Muffin Tin: Williams Sonoma

Paper Towel Holder: Horchow

Ceramic Pot: Makenzie-Childs

Drinking Glasses: Williams Sonoma

Kitchen Hand Soap: Barr-Co

Apothecary Reed Diffuser: Barr-Co

Surface Cleaner: Barr-Co

Dish Sponge Holder: Magnolia Home at Target (sold out, similar here )

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser White Dish Sponge: Target

Pottery Utensil Holder: Target

Fruit Bowl: Etú Home Handthrown Pottery Collection

Phone Sanitizer: Phonesoap


xo, Rach
My Kitchen Favorites…
My Kitchen Favorites…
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16 thoughts on “My Kitchen Favorites…

  1. Love Barr Co products!! Didn’t know they had a surface cleaner!! Is this safe to use on marble counter tops??

    Thank you!!

  2. Love your style. The details are extremely important in every interior. Your dish sponge holder is so stylish, I want to buy something similar. Thank you for sharing!

  3. hi i can’t find a kitchen reveal for your new kitchen? has this been done? if so, please let me know where i can find it. what type of wood flooring/stain is in th kitchen? I want to do a freefloating island with stone for the feeling of lightness? what are your thoughts? thanks

  4. I thought I remember you having a pebble ice maker? I would love to get one, but can’t remember which you recommended? Thx!

  5. Hi Rachel. I love your style. I qas nust curious where you purchased your beautiful pantry faucet. It’s the most gorgeous one I’ve ever seen.

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