My Closet Revamp…

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I gave my closet a little revamp and re-shot the space a few weeks ago!! You can read more about my closet and the thoughtful design details in a feature that went live on Elle Décor yesterday here (pinch me)! Let me know if you have any questions about any of the accessories or furniture pieces.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you have a great Tuesday!

xo, Rach

  • All other furniture and accessories from my closet can be found here!

Designed and styled by Alice Lane Home.

Photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat.

xo, Rach
My Closet Revamp…
My Closet Revamp…
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108 thoughts on “My Closet Revamp…

  1. I love your style and your closet. Some of the images are not showing up though. I refreshed a few times but there are missing images. xoxo

    1. Oh no! They are all appearing for me? I’ll look into it, thanks so much for letting me know!

      xo, Rach

      1. Love the arm jewelry holders, too. Can you share where they are from? I absolutely love your lovely ivory lace dress. Can you share dress details? Thank you kindly, Rachel! Love your closet and treasures, love everything about you!!! x

  2. holy closet goals! I couldn’t even dream of a closet so beautiful, and filled with such amazing clothes/shoes/bags.

  3. You have a beautiful closet! I love the white dress that appears in Pune of the pictures. Is it available in your website?

    1. Thanks Yesenia! That white lace dress is Alexis from Shopbop or Neiman Marcus. I wore it the day my son got blessed :)

      xo, Rach

  4. Heyyy, Thanks for this, I only asked you a couple of weeks ago about a post on your wardrobe! :)
    So, tell me, what is your process of storing summer/winter clothing? Do you store your out of season items in boxes or another wardrobe? Just needing some ideas:) :) thanks heaps! C

    1. Hi Claz! I usually keep my out of season clothing in a different closet in our home and swap them out as the seasons change :) Hope this helps!

      xo, Rach

    1. Alice Lane! If they aren’t on their website you could reach out to them and see where they got them :)

      xo, Rach

    1. Alice Lane found them for me!! If they aren’t on their website you could reach out to them and see where they got them :)

      xo, Rach

  5. I love everything in your closet! It’s beautiful! I especially loved the butterfly in that picture frame :) was it a gift or from a store?

  6. Hi! I love all of the dresses and skirts you wear! My question is do you put clothes in storage that you aren’t wearing to save for your daughter? I’m having a hard time cleaning out my closet because I want to save everything for my baby girl!

  7. Oh dear, I am just scrolling through your pictures over and over again – since you uploaded this post!!! Your closet is beyond every girls dream, it’s elegant, glamorous… it’s simply perfect! I hope that I will have such a great closet one day too <3

    I am so in love with yours!


  8. I am obsessed with your style and your amazing girly, classy closet all white and blush colors looks very delicate at same tiime elegance! Thank you for sharing your beautiful blush closet!

  9. Your closet was beautiful then and it’s beautiful now, Rach! I’m currently editing mine to whites, creams, neutrals, black, grey and blues myself. So crazy how I remember some of your outfits over the years just looking at some pieces you have in your closet!

    She Sweats Diamonds

    1. Haha thanks Huong!! How is your closet editing coming along? It was hard for me to part with some pieces!

      xo, Rach

  10. Wow, congrats Rach. This is a testament that when you commit to something you love, love and abundance commits back to you in strides. It has been a long time coming. You so deserve it. Job well done.

  11. Rachel, your closet is a dream! Everything is absolutely gorgeous, from the beautiful furniture to the lovely display. I love how perfectly everything goes together. It’s just stunning, that’s all I can say.

  12. Hi Rachel,
    Your closet is so stunning!! Would you mind telling me where you got the clear glass coasters for your jewellery? Couldn’t find them on Alice lane home

    Thank you :)


    1. Hi Alex! I can’t remember off the top of my head. Let me find out and I’ll get back with you!!

      xo, Rach

  13. Hi Rachel, congratulations on your Elle Decor feature! Your closet is so beautiful. Please let me know what is the brand of your long sleeve floral blush/light pink blouse. Thank you.

  14. This is just STUNNING! Every detail to every piece! Beautiful closet rach!! I was wondering where you also got your chest of drawer or your “island” in the closet? Is it also from Alicelane?

  15. Love, Love, Love, the closet!!! Question, What is the shelf spacing distance for your shoes and then for your boots?

  16. Everything is absolutely stunning! I am wondering if you could tell me what brand the shoes are that are on your Gucci book? The pink and gold with jewels on them. My sister is getting married this year and her theme is a dessert/boho/arizona type vibe. Those shoes would be gorgeous with her dress!

    1. Hi Dana!! They are Tory Burch, old. I love them so much and I’ve been trying to find some similar pairs but haven’t had much luck! Congrats to your sister and your family! :)

      xo, Rach

  17. if i had to design a closet i would literally design it like this! i wouldn’t even change one thing!!! i am totally obsessed with you, you taste, and everything you do and wear…. just everything about you!!! thanks for being you!!! love you Rach!!!!! i am 19 yrs sold and I’m a Realtor in NY and i have a big insecurity that people think i look like I’m 10yrs old and i always look at your social media and i buy the types of things you wear that are so classy and beautiful and it makes me feel so much older and put together! so i thank you for that too!!!!!

    1. Oh my gosh, what a sweet comment!!! Thank you so, so much. It means a lot :) Best of luck to you!

      xo, Rach

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