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pink-jcrew-winter-coat-1 pink-jcrew-winter-coat-4 pink-jcrew-winter-coat-5 pink-jcrew-winter-coat-3 pink-jcrew-winter-coat-6 pink-jcrew-winter-coat-2Coat: J.Crew (also here) | Tee: Vince | Jeans: Rag and Bone | Hat: J.Crew (similar style herehere and here) | Bag: Givenchy (similar style here) | Lips: Angel lipstick and Hip ‘N’ Happy liner by MAC

Ok, I just realized I’ve worn pink in EVERY post this week and I’m wearing this hat again!!! I guess I’m back on pink kick after all the neutrals from fall and reds from Christmas!

So I’m not even going to show you the shoes I’m wearing in this post because it just looks absolutely ridiculous. I was running late and heading out the door and I thought my black uggs were buried somewhere in the mess of my car so I threw on tennis shoes that were sitting in my mudroom to drive in. I pulled up to where I was going and searched my car, but no uggs. I thought about maybe not photographing this outfit since I clearly was wearing the wrong shoes for the weather but I was not about to let a cute outfit and the fact that I actually was ready to do a shoot ruin it all. So…here’s my outfit with the wrong shoes that I’m not going to show you because it just looks ridiculous.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by!!

xo, Rach

Photos by Lindsey Orton

xo, Rach
More Pink…
More Pink…
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59 thoughts on “More Pink…

  1. Hi Rachel, I am a new follower and love your blog. I saw your earlier post that you’re building a new home. I am totally in love with your current home especially with your front door. Would you please kindly share who made the custom door? I can’t find any information on your blog with regards to your beautiful fron door. I really appreciate your help. Good luck with building your new home and keep up this amazing job on your blog for 2017. Happy New Year!

  2. Too funny about the shoes! I am obsessed with this beanie. I got one like it for Christmas and it’s my new favorite. Also, I just wanted to let yo uknow that your blog posts haven’t been showing up in my bloglovin’ feed since the beginning of December. I’m not sure if there’s something wrong with your RSS feed or if it’s on my end? I just emaield bloglovin’ to find out but wanted to let you know!

    1. Isn’t this beanie the greatest?! And oh no! Let me look into Bloglovin’ and see if we can figure out what’s going on. Thanks for letting me know!!!

  3. This is why we love you because as perfect as you always look, you’re just real and down to earth. My favourite part about your blog is scrolling down to see what you have to say after each post. Haha loved the story about your runners! x Maria

  4. That’s happens to me too when you think you’ve got something you need in the car and then get to your destination only to realize its not there. I wish you did show the shoes bc I would have loved to see the tennis shoes with this outfit!!!!

  5. Have you done a tutorial on how you do your eyebrows? I would love to watch and learn!

    And this outfit is so cute, I doubt the tennies even made a difference :)

  6. I wear clogs. . ALL THE TIME!
    I have a pair in every color.
    I was running out of the house with one brown and one black on. Didn’t realize it till the end of day.
    Enjoy your weekend,

  7. I didn’t even notice that I couldn’t see your shoes….I was thinking how beautiful all your pictures have been lately with the snow in the background. The contrast with your black coat and now this pink one make for some really beautiful photos. Same with Isla’s recent photo. Good job!

  8. Hi Rach
    Another beautiful post! I love that coat, but I couldn’t find it on either site. Is it from a previous season?
    Thanks, and keep the pink coming!

  9. Hi Rachel,
    Is it really the Angel lipstick by MAC? It Looks a bit darker to me.
    Love the lipstick colour you are wearing on this Photo.


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