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I usually don’t do posts like this but I wanted to introduce you all to one of my friends, Witney Carson! I’m sure you’ve all seen her killing it on the dance floor of DWTS (she’s so incredibly talented). She’s from Utah and actually grew up just down the street from my home!

She came over to my house and I got to ask her all sorts of questions (she answered all of my DWTS questions and so much more)!! See our Q&A below (the other half is on her blog) and be sure to follow her Instagram!! She’s so inspiring and fun to follow!

° How did you get into dancing? My mom put me in dance class when I was 3. I knew I loved it from the first time I put on my ballet slippers and skirt!

° Most dancers in Utah stick to jazz and ballet. Why did you branch out to ballroom as well? It was kind of the thing to do at my dance studio at the time. I was a little late getting into it- I would watch all the partners dance together so effortlessly and beautiful. The movement was just so intriguing to me and I wanted to do it so badly. I told my mom and she put me in lessons with Rick Robinson who is still my mentor today!

° What’s your favorite style of dance? I love anything that’s passionate or upbeat. I love choreographing hip hop and jazz but love dancing Argentine tango and cha cha. Gets the crowd super pumped!

° What would be your top three tips for a mom who wants to start her daughter in dance lessons? 1. Don’t be a “dance mom”. Lol- be involved but not too much. You want your child to have the best experience possible, & to learn on her own what she loves etc. 2. Start them off in ballet and jazz. Those two styles are the most important basic styles for any other genre of dance they want to do. They are the backbone to everything! 3. Don’t push your kid too hard too soon. Let them want it more than you! That’s really how I succeeded- I wanted it for myself not for anyone else. My mom was really good about that- letting me grow on my own but still pushing me to do what I loved. It’s all about balance!

° Describe your style in three words? Comfy, Neutral, Quirky, Sweat resistant (lol, but seriously)

° Apart from dance what are your other passions? I love creating in general. Anything that gets my creative juices flowing! I love to paint, sing, act, design and of course choreographing!

° Why did you create a blog? I created a blog first and foremost for my fans. They would ask me lifestyle questions- wanted to know my personal life, what lipstick I was wearing that day, behind the scenes footage etc. since I’ve started it I’ve become more passionate about the fashion and beauty aspect of it! It’s so fun to be able to share your passions with others and to see the reward from that!

° What’s your favorite part about being on DWTS? I love that I get to share my passion with the world. I mean seriously, I’m so blessed!! I’m so humbled by that, & where I am in my life and career. My fans mean the world- would not be here if it weren’t for them so THANK YOU.

° What is your favorite dance you’ve danced in or choreographed on DWTS? My favorite was the Carlton dance with Alfonso Ribeiro- he’s like a brother to me. This dance has a special place in my heart!

° Where can everyone find out more about you? You can go to my Instagram, twitter, Facebook or YouTube! My blog in and here you can find all the news about dwts along with so many other passions of mine! 

xo, Rach

xo, Rach
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17 thoughts on “Catching Up With Witney Carson…

  1. Really nice! I love DWTS but don’t take the time to watch as much as I used to….Whitney is really good and always reminded me so much of Julianne Hough – another UTAH gal!! Do you plan are putting Isla in dance within the next year or so? I think she would just love it! Many thanks for the post, I’m on my way to check out Whitney’s blog! Have a beautiful day!

  2. I ♡♡♡loooovveeed♡♡♡ the Carlton dance!! I literally went bananza when Whitney and Alfonso started dancing it! So fun! I was dancing on my chair lol♡

  3. How fun!! I loved the questions you asked Whitney! You are both beautiful! I have a baby girl, and love dance, so I really enjoyed what she shared with putting your daughter in dance! Thanks! Also where are Whitney’s earings from? :)

  4. Wit is always one of my favorites on DWTS! She just has a contagious energy about her and doesn’t take herself too seriously – her confidence is so inspiring! Doesn’t hurt that she straight kills it on the dancefloor either! Loved this little interview, heading over to read your half now :)

  5. Is there a chance I can meet Witney Carson? From Dancing With the stars? I know you’ve met her before rachel. I want to tell her is there any chance of her being a muppet on a new muppet episode of dancing with the stars? Please? thank you, i’d really appreciate it.

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