Meet My Sisters…

Yesterday was International Sister’s Day and that is definitely something I feel like should be celebrated! I grew up with three amazing sisters and we are super, super close. I wanted to do a little something special to honor them this week and tell you a little bit more about each of them individually. They are each so different and unique in their own way and that is what I love about them! 

Starting in order from youngest to oldest, I will have a complete Q&A with each of my sisters this week highlighting personality, individual style, and their passions! I want you to be able to get to know them like I do! I hope this will be fun and give you a little more insight on my daily family life with the people I love the most!



Megan’s Dress: Rachel Parcell | Amy’s Dress: Rachel Parcell | Emily’s Dress: Rachel Parcell (sold out, similar here) | My Dress: Rachel Parcell



xo, Rach
Meet My Sisters…
Meet My Sisters…
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8 thoughts on “Meet My Sisters…

  1. What a fun segment! I’m most fami with emily, since she also blogs, but i look forward to knowing more about her with Her answers to the questions, as well as your two you ger sisters. I just had my second daughter, whos exactly two years apart from my first. I want them to be so close, as touve described your relationship with your sisters! Anyway, i look forward to reading!



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