My Favorite Things: Giveaway…

black-lace-skirt-and-top black-lace-pencil-skirt black-lace-top black-lace-pencil-skirt-1 black-lace-top-and-skirt-2 rachel-parcell-black-lace-dress Skirt: Rachel Parcell | Top: Rachel Parcell | Heels: Christian Louboutin | Bag: YSL (similar style here) | Sunglasses: Karen Walker (also here) | Lips: Cherry liner by MAC, Retro Red lipstick by Bobbi Brown | Earrings: Nardri

Happy Thursday everyone!!! This beautiful lace top and lace skirt are two of the newest arrivals from my winter collection!! I think these two pieces are my favorite to date since launching my clothing line, they’re so elegant. You can shop them here!

In case you missed it, on yesterday’s post I announced the winner of my favorite lipsticks, lipstick holder and Jo Malone perfume. But don’t worry, today is the start to another brand new giveaway!!! One lucky reader will win the Rachel Parcell lace skirt and lace top I’m wearing AND one of my most-worn bags from fall… the Tory Burch Block T Tote!!! Enter through the Rafflecopter below. Good luck and thanks for stopping by!!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

xo, Rach

xo, Rach
My Favorite Things: Giveaway…
My Favorite Things: Giveaway…
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  1. I love your giveaways! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win! I love your new black lace set! It’s perfection, as is that bag!! :)

  2. Love this look! The lace detailing is so chic and couldn’t agree more about these two pieces being the perfect date night outfit. They would even be amazing as separates also. The Tory bag is every girls must-have!
    Kim xo

  3. I eyed that top tuesday night on your store site-its stunning!!! Can never go wribg with black lace!! Your line is stunning and Im lucky to own a few pieces. I would be over the moon if I won this raffle-truly. Iove the clothes and that bag…. im a sucker for purses. ;) happy holidays

  4. I just ordered the pine green midi skirt and can’t wait to wear it. I love your collection and can’t wait to rock more of it!

  5. This is gorgeous so timeless. I love how your clothing are so sophisticated and looks effortless. You can wear this years from now and it would still be classic.

  6. Omg I totally agree with you! This has got to be the most beautiful combo and that you have so far in the lace department! I love all your pieces! Ugh to choose which is the best is impossible. This is a must-have for my wardrobe!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Always love the mix of high & lower fashion items you show on your blog! I personally love being able to have some options for looking just as fabulous as you do without breaking the bank! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas ;-)

  8. I love all things LACE and I would LOVE to win this beautiful outfit!!!! Also I would love to win the Tory Burch Tote, perfect baby bag to have for my baby that’s coming next month!

  9. This look is stunning! I love anything black lace and these pieces are so versatile for year-round wear. I love that your pencil skirts are long, the cut is so flattering.

  10. I have been following your blog posts and instagram for about two years and you truly do inspire my outfits and my choice of lifestyle.

  11. I love that suede bag. I recently purchased a large Saint Laurent monogram matelasse shoulder bag in pebbled leather, and I’m wondering why I didn’t go for the suede tri-quilted bag instead. Grrr. Anyway, the outfit is gorgeous. I would totally wear that. I love your aesthetic.

  12. I would LOVE to win these items. The beautiful outfit and Tory bag would be heaven/an amazing holiday treat. Happy Holidays to you Rachel. God Bless!

    ❤ Bianca

  13. Such a sophisticated look for the holidays or any formal occasion! ❤️?? Can you consider offering petite sizes in your skirts? I don’t see measurements listed but they look too long for us petite ladies! Thank you!

  14. This is my most favorite outfit of ur line too (although I love t all) and I would love love love to wear it to church or somewhere fancy with the hubby! This is the giveaway I am really hoping to win!!!

  15. I have been looking for a large black tote to carry to bible study – something to fit my books, journal, and laptop if needed. This purse would be PERFECT!

  16. Hi Rach,
    I love your blog so much! It inspired me to make mine…I have following since the begging and I am so glad that I have gotten a style inspiration like you to look up to. Thanks!

  17. I love to follow your blog!! Love your style but my favorite part is how you share your wonderful family with us. In fact with the blog I feel part of the family :) Happy Holidays to you and yours!!! I pray the new year comes with bigger blessings to you and your family!

  18. I love the skirt and top together- I totally thought it was a dress! Hope you are having the best Christmas with your two sweet babes!

  19. Such a great giveaway! The lace skirt and top are very elegant and perfect for the holidays. And who doesn’t love a Tory Burch bag?

  20. Rachael-
    As a mother of two young ones, I love how you maintain a high sense of fashion. I love your style and even though some of the items you wear are out of my price range, I can find similar things that embody style, class and elegance. Your outfits are inspirational and I appreciate the emphasis you put on family. Thank you!

  21. Hello Rachel,
    I love your elegant outfit and your whole clothing-line. It feels like you put a lot of work in it and it’s just amazing how you do all of that.
    It’s always my favorite time of the day when I just look at your new posts.
    Happy to come back to your webside soon.
    Hope you are enjoying your day.

  22. I don’t own any designer bags, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to ;) And that lace, how romantic! It’d be perfect to celebrate my 3rd wedding anniversary in January! Thanks for your generosity, Rachel.

  23. I love the bag! It is such a classy bag. Thanks a lot for the opportunity to win the bag and the cut skirt and top. Just love it.
    Greetings from Germany

  24. Such a beautiful combination! I love seeing all of the clothes you create each season :) Would love the opportunity to win this amazing pair!

  25. I don’t own any designer bags, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to ;) And that lace, how romantic! It’d be perfect to celebrate my 3rd wedding anniversary in January! Thanks for your generosity, Rachel. (; I seem to be having trouble submitting a comment. My apologies if this appears more than once.)

  26. I really love how classic this look is. It really allows you to personalize the look with makeup, jewelry, and other accessories. Love.

  27. Love this post! Your blog is always the first thing I read in the morning to start my day. Thank you for sharing your style, life, and family with us. xoxo Another Rachel

  28. I love your style and been following your blog last couple of years. Everyday first thing in the morning is to check if you have any posts. Love it

  29. I am so excited to see all of your new items for your line! I love this outfit and those shoes! Slay, Rachel! Slay! Also, thank you for another generous giveaway!
    Happy holidays!

  30. Hey Rachel! I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now and I completely adore everything from your clothes, home, office and family! You are so inviting when letting your readers in on your everyday life and I so greatly appreciate that.

  31. I absolutely love this look Rachel! It’s classic and gorgeous!!!! I love your blog and have been a long time follower! You are such an inspiration to someone who has a baby blog like me! :-)

  32. Such a elegant and stunning combo !! Black is my favorite color, because doesn’t matter the ocasion is always a great color and you can look chic !! It will be a great gift for this mommy of 3 little girls who loves fashion !! (And to be quite honest my 7 year old “can’t wait to be 10” so she can start “sharing” clothes and shoes with this momma!! I think I created a “fashion monster” Lol!)
    Love your clothes Rachel !
    Merry Christmas!!

  33. I love seeing all the inspiration to your looks. You are so classy yet creative and I love every outfit you have put together. So chic!

  34. You are so generous to share these gifts! How excited are you that you could make someone’s holiday! Thank you for being you. Ps. Love your silly snaps… like when Drew was kicking your sisters out Hahaha

  35. Such a elegant and stunning combo !! Black is my favorite color, because doesn’t matter the ocasion is always a great color and you can look chic !! It will be a great gift for this mommy of 3 little girls who loves fashion !! (And to be quite honest my 7 year old “can’t wait to be 10” so she can start “sharing” clothes and shoes with this momma!! I think I created a “fashion monster” Lol!)
    Love your clothes Rachel !

  36. Such a elegant and stunning combo !! Black is my favorite color, because doesn’t matter the ocasion is always a great color and you can look chic !! It will be a great gift for this mommy of 3 little girls who loves fashion !! (And to be quite honest my 7 year old “can’t wait to be 10” so she can start “sharing” clothes and shoes with this momma!! I think I created a “fashion monster” Lol!)

  37. You’re such an inspiration. Loving the new arrival, especially the lace top!!! My fave to date from your collection. So elegant and classy!

  38. Such a elegant and stunning combo !! Black is my favorite color, because doesn’t matter the ocasion is always a great color!! It will be a great gift for this mommy of 3 girls who loves fashion !!(And to be quite honest my 7 year old “can’t wait” to start “sharing” clothes and shoes with me, I think I created a “fashion monster”)

  39. Rach!
    I’ve been following you for about two years now. I love your style because it is the perfect blend of classic and trendy. Keep doing what you’re doing girl!

  40. Congratulations on the success of your clothing line!! This Look is so beautiful. My favorite combo, feminine and chic. Keep rocking your pretty style ?

  41. Ah, I have always that skirt from your line :) I would be so so thrilled to win it in time for Christmas so I will have an outfit ready for the holidays! xox

  42. Such a pretty outfit!! You are the first blogger I started following and no wonder!! You have amazing style. Thanks for providing such great content :)

  43. The black lace set is perfect. I don’t have many occasions to wear so much black since we love in sunny Southern California now, but it looks just like something I’d wear when I was back East!

  44. I just absolutely love this outfit. Actually all of yours – such great inspirations. And I love how you mack your readers feel a part of your everyday life!

  45. OMG I love this bag! I’ve been wanting a Tory Burch tote for a while, and have been lusting after a couple different options (including this one!!) this holiday season! I hope I win :)

  46. I watched your UVU speech on YouTube last night! You are so inspiring, Andrew I had to laugh because I did a lot of the same things with clothes and fashion when I was little haha.

  47. Such an amazing giveaway. It would be a dream to win! I do have to say though, you are very inspirational woman! To be a business and blog owner, and still be able to be a mother and wife. I’m sure its hard at times, but you handle it well. Congrats to your new winter line! Its beautiful!

  48. Gorgeous! Your clothes, blog, that bag…. everything! Thanks so much for this opportunity of winning some of your favorite things!

  49. I love this look! I got a dress similar to this last year during the holidays and it is perfect for the parties but it’s a little too short. I love that this skirt is longer!

  50. This outfit is perfect for the holiday season. And the bag has such a nice, sleek look that makes it both gorgeous and professional! Love your style! :)

  51. I have been looking all over for a lace skirt just like this, it’s so beautiful! I also love Tory Burch bags. Seems like you get a lot of use out of it which makes it a winner! What a giveaway, thank you!

  52. Rachel, this is my favorite of your pieces thus far too! There is something so stunning about you in all black with your dark hair….nailed it!!

  53. Just as I was reading your blog I was thinking the same after seeing the pics…This is my favorite look from your collection!! Love it all though:)) So excited for another giveaway! Make me so happy to see who the lucky winner is!

  54. I am so in love with your collection. Especially the new holiday items. Black is my go to color and now I can make it look feminine with your line!

  55. Oh my goodness, you’re so gracious! I’ve been dreaming about adding the T block tote to my personal Tory collection. And I love love love these Rachel Parcell items!

  56. Long time reader but a first time commenter. This is one of my favorite looks. Love everything lace and black so this is just perfect. Love your blog :)

  57. Absolutely in love with this handbag and outfit! I love to see how you’re able to look classy, stylish, and modest at the same time. Sometimes its hard finding stuff that is modest and affordable. Your blog is definitely my 10 minutes of daydreaming/guilty pleasure a day.

  58. This is so much fun! Thank you for the generous opportunity! I would love to win! That tote could make this new mama happy! You’re clothes are gorgeous congrats on your success!

  59. I love the clothes you design! I like very much the fact that your top and your skirt are two pieces, but they look like a dress when worn together!

  60. I have had that tote bag in my shopping bag from Nordstrom at LEAST 10 times. I would LOVE TO WIN IT and finally get to try out some items from your line. Fingers crossed!!

  61. Merry Christmas, Rachel!
    I love starting each day by reading your daily post. Your positive outlook is infectious. Your beautiful style and tips are the cherry on top. My teenage daughter recently spent time at a SLC boarding school. It was a difficult year having her away. Our monthly visits brought us much joy as we explored beautiful SLC shops, sights and restaurants. When I accidentally stumbled upon your blog, I was thrilled to read you are from UT. The compassionate people we met during our journey in UT hold a special place in my heart. Thank you for sharing your life and your fabulous look with me and for bringing happiness and joy into my days.

  62. You are so blessed with beauty and the gift of making all things around you beautiful! You are such an adorable and inspiring young woman. You go girl!?

  63. This post really has me looking into getting some Louboutins! It’s something to save up for for sure and they look great with that black lace set! Heading over to to check it out

  64. You look so pretty outside with the snow in the background.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope your hubby’s dad is doing okay.

  65. Love the accessories but what I really love are the lace top and skirt…I was wondering what designer and then saw it’s yours! Bravo! Beautiful!

  66. Oh my gosh I absolutely LOVE that lace top and skirt! It is so beautiful!! Your whole clothing collection is gorgeous, and so is your blog :)

  67. Stunning pieces of clothing! I admire your work ethic and how you are able to achieve your dreams. Keep being the best you can be!!

  68. Oh boy, there are a lot of posts here! I like that even though we have such different styles and backgrounds (I’m in SLC, but not of the… dominant population – came from Canada), there’s so often inspiration I can pull from your blog! Keep it up.

  69. I just love your style and your blog, it’s always so inspiring ! I would love to enter the giveaway, it’s the best I’ve ever seen ! Thank you so much

  70. Ugh I love a good holiday look that ISNT drenched in color! Most of my wardrobe is black or neutral so when the holidays roll around I feel like I have nothing “festive” to wear! I love this outfit! It’s so chic but still festive enough for the holidays! :) Your blog is one of my favorites!!!

    xoxo Kelsey

  71. Your style is fantastic!

    Love this outfit! You are hands down my favorite beauty blogger because you keep things classy and modest – and still incredibly feminine and stylish. Thank you for being you Rachel!


  72. It would be amazing to win some items from your winter line! I have loved reading your blog posts each day and seeing your beautiful style. Your little family is so cute!! Thank you for the giveaway!

  73. Loving this elegant look. I really don’t know how you can have two kids, run a business, and manage to look good all the time… Lots of props!!

  74. Rachel :)
    I’ve been following your blog for years and it’s my absolut favorite. I adore your clothing line and would be so happy if I won this contest so I’d be able to match your elegant style!

    Happy Holidays!

  75. I love love love this look! Lace makes me soo happy and it is perfect for the holidays! With a Birthday coming up, I feel like this would be the perfect outfit to celebrate in!

  76. I loveeeeeeeeeee this matching set! It is absolutely perfect for a bridal shower, wedding, brunch, church the whole shabang! Love this tote dying for it – need a new tote to tote my things to work and back!

  77. LOVE the long sleeve lace top with the matching skirt!!! just amazing that they look so great together and can be worn separately as well. fingers crossed :)

  78. Okayyy I have the cutest baby and I would love his diaper bag to match his cuteness! This bag would totally do that AND add some pizzazz. I love love LOVE it! And I mean my last name is Jolly…;) tis the season!

    Really though thank you for taking the time to post all of these and put everything together. I can only imagine how busy life is with two kiddos and everything else I’m sure you have going on. Keep doing a great job :)!

  79. Have to say this outfit is perfection! So beautiful and sophisticated. A bonus is the top has long sleeves. i can’t believe how many holiday outfits and dresses are sleeveless or short-sleeved and when you live in cold weather it’s totally impractical. So you freeze or end up covering up your pretty outfit with a sweater or blazer when you’re inside. This combination stands on it’s own, lovely.