office/closet reveal: the finished product…

Happy Monday everyone! Today is the third and final post to the three-part series with Alice Lane to reveal my closet/office space (if you missed the first two posts, read them here and here).

I’m SO excited to take you into the space where I spend so much time writing and working on the blog that I’m lucky enough to have you all read each morning. I hope you love it as much as I do!

dream-closet-and-office-space dream-closet-space closet-bag-storage perfume-holder-tray gold-bernhardt-desk valentino-fashion-book valentino-red-bow-heels pink-fringe-chanderlierfashion-books-in-officefashion-office-chair office-in-a-closetcenter-island-dream-closetalice-lane-home-collection-blush-lampdream-closet-space-alice-lane dream-closet-custom-built-in-hanging-space dream-closet-office-spacedream-shoe-closet

I’m going to let all the photos do the talking, but I do want to give a big thanks to Alice Lane Home Collection for creating such an incredible space for me to do what I love!

Have a wonderful Monday!

xo, Rach

This post was brought to you in partnership with Alice Lane Home Collection.

Photos by Heather Telford

xo, Rach
office/closet reveal: the finished product…
office/closet reveal: the finished product…
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270 thoughts on “office/closet reveal: the finished product…

  1. WOW! That is hands down the most beautiful closet I’ve ever seen. So chic and stylish and colorful! I am just blown away. Enjoy the space! I think I’d sleep in there if that were in my house. Just breath taking!!

  2. So pretty! I’m stealing the idea of the leopard print carpet in the closet. :) I know you’ll enjoy the space. Happy blogging!

  3. Wow, you and the ALHC team outdid yourselves! You are indeed a lucky girl.


    1) how much space is in between each shoe shelf? I’m currently building out my closet and I’m not sure how much space is just right.

    and 2) how tall is your ceiling? My ceilings are 9′ or 10′ but my builder says we shouldn’t go all the way to the ceiling :-(

    Congrats on the well-done space. (And what an awesome commute, lol!)

    xo, Rena

  4. Gorgeous! Can you please post where some of the items are from? Specifically the desk, the chandelier, the desk lamp, and the mirrored tray with the gold circles? THank you!

  5. Oh my….this is the most beautiful closet I ever seen. definitely a dream. Everything looks so pretty and colorful. You can be a really lucky girl with this dream closet. I really agree that you spend the most time in this room. And I`m really happy about this post, because I wanna see your closet for a long time and happy you did it. Thanks for that. Love it.
    Happy Monday.
    xo, Petra

  6. Your closet & office space is a dream! I love every aspect of this space! Every detail from the inset custom cabinetry and the mirrored back open shelves to the carpeting and chandelier are absolutely stunning and perfect!! Wonderful job to everyone involved!! I’m so happy you shared this!

  7. Lovely photos and a truly inspiring place to work! Will definitely be pinning this for future closet plans :-) Just curious, are the fuchsia heels on the floor by your desk current? If so, would you mind sharing brand info? I’ve been looking for a killer pair of pink pointed-toe heels. Thanks!

  8. Your closet is a dream! So inspirational and I love how you combined it with your office! Definitely has to be the best space in the house!
    Brittany Blake

  9. I’m sure you arr thrilled to have your own space completed! Just gorgeous! Love the classic, feminine, clean look! Also love that colorful jacket hanging up…is that a current piece?

  10. Congratulations!! I love the grand design as well as all the intricate details. The desk area by the window is magnificent. I love how so many items are showcased. It is so functional and decorative at the same time. The shoe closet is heavenly! Thank you for sharing these amazing pictures!!

  11. This is a gorgeous closet and perfectly goes with your style and personality I think! You are on lucky girl and that shoes is just AMAZING! I love that you arrange your shoes by color and how neat everything… Every detail is absolutely stunning, especially the brass. Thank you for sharing this space with us because we were all dying to see where you create such amazing outfits… If I had that much of a choice for shoes, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself daily lol

  12. Beautiful and so tidy! This and your cooking posts motivate me to clean up the clutter in my own home.
    On another note, how about a post on your perfume collection? What is your favorite?

  13. Holy smokes! This is stunning! I love love love everything! I just recently ordered that desk for my office in our new home! Now that I’ve seen it in your space I am even more excited to get it! Thanks for giving us a peek into your home.



  14. The beauty of your office space/wardrobe is beyond perfection! It is so gorgeous, one could just cry from the sheer prettiness of it all. Everything is just “Wow!” – from the height of the base boards, the mill work, the mirrors behind the shelving, the brass accents, the pink, the leopard rug, the chandelier!!! The island…. the accessories, the desk, and of course all the wardrobe items in it….the shoes!! I remember once a upon a time when you did a blog entry about how you loved Alice Lane Home Collection, and how you wished you would be to able to decorate with their pieces one day. Now your dream is beyond realized! ENJOY :)

    Cover up Chic

  15. Hi Rachel,

    I’m probably not the only one here to tell you this, but you’re closet/office is so amazing that I wanted to write an article about you on my own little french blog.
    When are you hosting an event in Paris ? ;-)

    By the way I’m travelling to the US in a couple of weeks and planned a stop at Lake Powell thanks to your blog !!!

  16. Love the closet. However I never would have put you’re desk there. It looks crammed next to that beautiful dresser. But everything else looks gorgeous.

  17. I am in love with your closet, everything is so organized reminds me of my closet…the way its organized. :) I also arrange everything based on color. Love the colors.

  18. I’m really trying not to be super envious of this fabulous closet lol!!! What an amazing space and how blessed you are girl! Love it!

  19. Absolutely fabulous! I found “Pink Peonies” by accident one day and enjoy following you. I have shared your site with my daughter and two nieces. I believe they will find you very inspirational. Thank you for that!

  20. Can most if the items be bought through their site? In love with it all! Would love to know carpet, lamp and window shade fabric sources!

  21. Wow Rachel! Your closet is AMAZING! You definitely deserve to have such a beautiful place to feel inspired. Congratulations on all of your successes! I’ve always loved your style and now I also follow you for decor inspiration!

  22. Very pretty! Is that a magnifying glass on your desk? If so, be careful where it’s pointed, since it’s right by a window and you live in sunny Utah! Don’t want to start a fire!

  23. This is beyond stunning!!! Love the hooks for outfit planning :)

    I would love to see more of the center piece of furniture and how you displayed your jewelry on top!

  24. What a gorgeous closet! Well done! A quick note, I saw that you’re storing some of your fragrances by a window. If you put perfumes in direct light, they will spoil and ruin quickly. They stay fresh and pretty smelling longer if you keep them in a cool, dark place, or at the very least, away from harsh direct light. Congratulations on your beautiful new home! Thank you for spending so much time making your blog beautiful and inspiring! Best wishes from England!

  25. OH MY GOODNESS! Thank you so much for sharing, I have been dying to see this pretty little space of yours! Definitely inspires me for my own closet. :) Those shoe racks are heavenly!


  26. This closet is something out of a magazine! It is so beautiful and dreamy…. I could spend all day in there playing dress up!
    Really beautiful.
    XO, Maci

  27. Beautiful outcome! You may have already found a solution, but just in case you haven’t, you can use rolled up magazines to keep your boots upright.

  28. CONGRATS! You must be over the moon excited and in love- my gosh how could any room compete? I would be camping out sleeping my closet if it looked as amazing as that! And brilliant to have your desk by the window in their as well so that you are constantly inspired!! BRAVO amazing ( oh and that chandelier is SO now and SO going in my new home!)

    xoxo Darcy | The Supper Model

  29. I just keeled over, I’m writing from heaven bc I just died looking at this post. Or is that closet heaven? Hmmmmm. Does you husband have a brother?:)

  30. I have been waiting for this post for forever! I am in love with your closet/office. I try to make things look like this in my small apartment and it just doesn’t work…this is the greatest inspiration!! Absolutely beautiful.

    xo, Taylor

  31. Can I just say that you are like my fashion icon? I remember one day, I asked this girl in my ward how she came up with such cute outfits and she said ‘I go on the Pink Peonies! The lady lives in Utah and she is Mormon so all of her outfits are modest’. Ever sense then I have loved coming on the blog and seeing the outfits you out together. Coming from a young girl, it is nice and refreshing to see somebody dress modestly and so fashionable. So thank you for being such a great example so girls can see you can still look cute without wearing immodest clothing! In a month or so I am in charge of the Young Women’s activity on modesty and I will definately be telling the girls about your website! Please keep doing what you are doing! Your sense of fashion is impeccable!

  32. Can I just say that you are my fashion icon?? I remember one at church I asked a girl in my ward where she came up with all her cute outfits and she said “I always look on the Pink Peonies, it is a website by this lady who lives in Utah and is LDS so she dresses modestly!” Well I am now always looking on the blog for cute outfit ideas! Coming from a young LDS girl (me), it is very refreshing for somebody to dress chic, fashionable and modest! So thank you for being an example to young girls and showing them that you can be modest and still dress cute! You are awesome and next month when I teach a lesson on modesty for a Young Women activity I will definitely tell them to look on your blog. Please keep doing what you are doing! You sense of fashion is impeccable!!
    xoxo Emma Jean @emmajeanm

  33. OH MY WORD! I would LOVE all your beautiful clothes… even a quarter of them would be great ;)
    Love love love your wardrobe/ dressing room/ office space, so chic, classy and feminine! Love your style and blog!
    XOXO Robyn (from Sunny South Africa) :)

  34. I absolutely love your new office! I have been waiting for your post with the finished product! It definitely inspires me to create a beautiful office space for myself once my fiance and I purchase a home – your entire home is breathtaking. Thank you for sharing all of your beautiful pictures!

  35. These photos are absolutely incredible. This is the stuff dreams are made of! You are incredibly lucky to have such an inspiring office and closet.

  36. I’m obessed with this closet. You have done a FABULOUS job. Im also loving your blog. Who’s bag is the bone colored bag that appears several time in your photos! It is on the floor in the last pic next to the shoes.
    Thanks in advance!

  37. OMG!!!! This is like the dreamy room of every single girl and woman on the planet!!! Everything is so bright and colorful and cheerful and pretty and elegant….well basically everything is perfect!! I’m very very very jealous right now but also very admirative, awesome job dear! Congratulations!

  38. This is completely gorgeous, but I can’t help but think about the hundreds of thousands of dollars you must have spent on this redo and the clothes and accessories to fill the space. Clearly, I have no knowledge of your charitable giving habits, but I feel compelled to remind you and your readers that there are many worthy causes in desperate need of funding. I hope you will consider giving a small percentage of your family’s income to one or more each year.

    xxo. KEL

    1. Kel,

      It actually wasn’t a redo, we did this while we were building and the room was a partnership with Alice Lane. Also, both my family and I give to charitable causes monthly. It’s very important to us to give back.



    2. This just sounds envious. Seriously? You are going to tell her she should give to charity and that there are many that need funds? How old are you? Anyone building a closet like this in a brand new, amazing home, has plenty of money to go around and certainly you are not the one to tell her what she should be doing. Envy is a sin, too.

  39. I only see one BIG problem with the office/closet! I would never leave, ever! It is so beautiful and inspirational I’d have to install a mini kitchen just to sustain myself. You are one lucky lady to be surrounded by such beauty.

  40. I’m in looooove, thank you for sharing. Can you please tell me where the pink/rose colored throw that is draped on your desk chair can be found?? I’m looking for is color and. I’ve come up empty handed:( I would greatly appreciate it.


      1. It’s the desk from the Salon collection by Bernhardt Furniture…I originally fell in love with it after seeing it in Elle Decor last fall and love it even more now that it’s in my own home. The whole collection is gorgeous!

  41. What is the name of the pink paint used in this “every girls dream” closet? I love this!!! Congratulations on the Gift coming to your family in the spring!!!

  42. Hey Rach, I know a lot of your readers commented about the paint color but I didn’t see a response. Do you mind sharing what color pink this is and the brand?


  43. Love so many things about this gorgeous space. Wondering if you know the source/name for the brass knobs on your center island and wall cabinets? Thanks so much!

  44. Omg you are such a lucky girl! And you have a great name btw lol I’m completely in love with your closet! I wish I had a closet big enough to double as an office too. Can you link me/tell me where I can get the tray you have your clutches organized in and the one with your perfumes in it? I’m new to your blog and I love it so far =) Thanks!

  45. Wow, this room is so amazing. A women dream come true. I love your business closet room. I have to show this to my boyfriend. This is what a girl wants ? Have a great day. Best wishes from Gernany,
    Svenja / strasskind

  46. Truly a dream come true! Love that it feels like a high-end boutique than a closet! I’m currently working on my dream closet too, though mine is much smaller than yours I was still able to to a nice bag display and shoe display as well! ENJOY!

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