Brunching in Head To Toe White…

 ^^Note the side zipper on my skirt: Before I ate (keep scrolling)  ^^After I ate :/ (don’t judge) Skirt: Rachel Parcell | Top: Trouve, old (similar style here and here) | Heels: Jimmy Choo (similar style here and here) | Earrings: BHLDN (similar style here) | Watch: Michele | Lips: YSL #7 lipstick and Soar liner by MAC

A few weeks ago my sister hosted a get-together for some close friends and family. Here’s a look at what I wore to the brunch, head-to-toe white. Sometimes a simple tee pairs perfectly with a lace skirt that’s more intricate. I’ve always been a fan of wearing mono-chromatic color scheme.

Also I need your help! I’m in the process of re-vamping my site. I am introducing a few new posting series but I would love to hear from all of you what topics you would like to see me post more about on Pink Peonies. Leave your comments below, I want to hear your feedback! You can expect to see new kinds of content and topics coming to my blog! I can’t wait to show you the exciting posts/new site we have coming up. I hope you’ll love them!

xo, Rach

xo, Rach
Brunching in Head To Toe White…
Brunching in Head To Toe White…
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123 thoughts on “Brunching in Head To Toe White…

    1. I would love to hear your opinions on the issues of the day. Current events, politics, the important religious questions.

      The beauty posts are amazing, but I would love to hear more about the books you are reading, the parenting philosophies that resonate, your plans for educating your children, and your heart felt views on women’s issues, healthcare, and education.

      I know there is more going on in that noggin of yours than how to dress up a pair of ripped jeans.

  1. I would love to see more food! Cooking, or what you like to eat everyday. Also, more mom tips, everyday lifestyle.

  2. “A life if the day” posts I always like to read or what other people eat or do for dinner… for different ideas or to make me feel better about the weeks that include lots of takeout for us!

  3. Also how you make church happen on a Sunday! Like how you plan to get all of you fed and ready and out the door and what you bring or game plan is if the kids are having a meltdown and how you spend the rest of the day.

  4. I would love to see more home decor, everday lifestyle, TRAVEL, and Hair/Beauty! Can not wait to see the new site! Have a great Day.

  5. Rach- I LOVE your zipper pics… I love scrolling through blogs and seeing women like you wearing these amazing garments that I feel like I cannot wear based on my body type but it’s so refreshing that you shared the realness in wearing a midi skirt that hits right where a lot of us can tend to bloat after a meal! THANK YOU FOR BEING REAL!! You are always so generous with your readers about your life and children, I just wanted you to know that I sincerely appreciate it!

    xx Carrie

  6. I would love to see more home/ decorating posts, as well as maybe some food related posts and/ or recipes. Also a maybe some work out/ fitness type posts would be nice as well!

  7. I’ve never left a comment before but was so impressed with these photos I had to let you know. These are some of the prettiest pics I’ve seen you post. Maybe it’s because they are candid or just really close up. Details on your clothing are so clear and Jackson’s expressions on his sweet face are precious. I loved every picture here. More like this.

  8. I absolutely love following along and have been reading your blog for years! Your blog is definitely my favorite to read. Love what you are doing already, but would love more home decor and mamma/kid inspired content!

  9. Would LUV to see more “wear to work” outfits! Need inspiration on the daily grind outfits- creating a work wardrobe that works and stays on trend. And beauty tips are always so great?

  10. You own so many designer shoes and hangbags. I would love to know more about your favorite designer shoes/bags. Which was your first one. Would you ever do an indepth review of some of these designer or your shoes and bags in general??

  11. You look absolutely beautiful, Rach! I love the way you’ve styled your white skirt with a simple white tee, it makes for a lovely combination that’s elegant and fresh, perfect for summer! I also love your sister’s outfit, too, that dress is too cute and looks great with the espadrilles! As for what I’d like to see in the future, I’d say more interior design; I adore the way you decorate your home. I’d love to also see some posts on the look for less interiors, as you do with clothing. I know some pieces and decor can be quite pricey, so if there are any alternatives that can create the same effect, that’d be great to know! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great weekend ahead!



  12. Would love to hear about your home life. Your day to day routines, running household, your husband and just how you really make everything work including if you cook and clean!!!!

  13. Hey Rach, could you please do a new post on eyelash extensions? Yours look so good, maybe you could take some pics of the process (before/after)!

  14. Rachel, that outfit is priceless! Love everything about it ?
    And as far as content goes, your posts on interior decoration are always a hit and that’s something I’d definitely love to read more of ? … Good luck with the site revamp! ?

  15. Your caption about just eating cracked me up! So cute!

    I’d love to see more about your interior design process. I think you have such a great eye and I would LOVE to see the entire process, just not completion.

  16. More casual outfits! I’d love to see what you wear when you’re chasing after your kids…I spend my days with my kids and would love to see some inspo for looking casual and comfy but still put together during the day xXx

  17. I would love to see more beauty content. And a vlog series. I love you on style code live! Mom tips and how you take care of your clothing. I would love to know how to keep my staple wardrobe in tip top shape!

  18. I am going to judge, and here is my ruling…. your realness is refreshing! Who hasn’t felt the effects of eating when it comes to clothing? I simply adore you, girlfriend ;)

  19. I would love to see more of your home decor! I also love your winter posts in the snow / Christmas home decor. Also a post on how to start a blog tips would be great as well! Love your blog!!

  20. Love everything you post about!! You host such lovely parties that are perfect. Entertaining and hosting posts would be lovely! Your house is decorated perfectly. Decorating ideas would also be lovely! xo

    Lisa Klinowski
    (mamabasil on IG)

  21. I can’t wait to see the new site! You’re such an inspiration!! I would love to see some tutorials and more beauty:)

  22. Gorgeous photos! Any way you could share your sister’s (Maggie) outfit details? I also love her denim dress!

  23. I would like to see more beauty posts, make-up, hair, self-tanner, skincare i.e. Also, maybe more affordable clothing options.

  24. Would love if you did a series on affordable outfits..i.e…Target, Gap, Oldnavy…also, ? in LOVE with your clothing line…could you post the size you are wearing when you model the item. Would help tremendously.

  25. i would love to see more personal content (kind of like your posts from a few years ago). I loved when you shared details about your vacations, weekend snapshots, etc.!

  26. I’d love to see how you’ve grown in photography and blogging! You have beautiful pictures and of course your blog is amazing! It would be interesting and helpful to see what worked for you. And of course keep up the adorable outfits, family posts and parties!!

  27. I would love to see more lifestyle focused posts, daily parenting adventures, home decor and baking. Thanks! I love your blog and think you’re fantastic!

  28. Hi beautiful Rachel,

    I would really like if you talk about confidence and believing in ourselves. Your sister said one day in her post that she always admired the way you never compare yourself to others. It would be a very nice new topic!
    Thank you and continue all your lovely post xxx

  29. Rachel,

    I love your site! I would like to see a post on how blogging turned into a business for you. Also your everyday beauty (eyelash, spray tan, extensions, nails).

  30. This post hit the nail on the head! Life is not perfect and I’d love to see more of what makes Rachel Parcell tick! A “behind the scenes” if you will. Your Snaps & Insta stories are hilarious. Emily peeing her pants… that’s raw, it’s real. Your site is so pretty, but I’d love to see you get back to your roots of when you first started. Your outfits were more relatable. But I love everything… I hope one of your series is about the new home coming. Will it be more kid friendly? Or more glam? Good job Rach, keep up the good work. You’ve built an empire!

  31. Hi! I love all of your posts! I would love to see more of what your kids are wearing! I am always looking for cute quality clothes for my baby girl! Thanks!

  32. I always love the “day in the life” kind of posts. Also maybe some kiddo style posts? My son is starting kindergarten in the fall and I’m already thinking about shopping for back to school. :)

  33. I love your site for beautiful images, amazing fashion inspiration, and following along with your growing family. You generally have a nice mix of designer labels and more modestly priced pieces.

    As feedback to your question, I would love to see more links to less expensive pieces that are inspired by your looks, even if it’s not the exact item you are wearing. I know I certainly appreciate when you do include those links. Another idea is showcasing one classic item styled several different ways. Your closet is aspirational, but I don’t have room for as many new items. Also, I always love your home design and building process posts.

    Thanks for sharing your life and style with all of us. You are an excellent role model for women and great at what you do!!

  34. I would love to hear more about your blogging experience and your tips and tricks. I love checking your blog day to day during the week. You are such an inspiration! Xo ,Carleen

  35. Def keep what you have going on, but would love to see more:
    – day in the life: juggling motherhood, work (blog and clothing line), dressing up for your pictures, and just everyday things
    -how you went about choosing features for your new build. Sharing building stages
    -your business growth stories (blog and clothing line). Blog: When it really picked up, when you knew you needed assistance. Clothing line: did your studies help or did you hire someone to guide you through building your clothing line, your creative process on pictures and styles, etc.

    Have a great day!

  36. I would love to see you talking to your readers more, like Q&A videos and things like that! I know you tried to create a YouTube channel once but it was too much! But I just thinks that videos are so raw and you can truly get to know your favorite bloggers! I know Rachel from Instagram and blog but I don’t really know what you sound like and your personality if that makes sense and I would love that! I think readers really like to get to know they’re favorite bloggers and connect in a different level and not just through pretty pictures which by the way you have the best ones! But maybe if you did a few videos here and there with readers Q&A or a daily vlog things like that I think people would get to know your personality so much more! OHHHH I would also love to see more home decor! Please do a home tour video before you move, I miss dying to see your entire house!
    Love you and you are my favorite!

  37. Beautiful pictures Rachel!
    I have been following you for a long time now, I really love your style, especially with your home. I just bought a house and we’re renovating it, and your kitchen was a great inspiration for my home, so much that my designer calls a wall the “pink peonies” wall ;-)! Thank you for all your inspiration! I would love to see more home design ideas, ideas for how to be the best hostess and tips for new mamas! Can’t wait to read your new posts!

  38. Love all your posts. Your children are beautiful and I love watching them grow!!
    I especially love your decorating style and how you mix modern with a French flair. Love to see more decorating
    More tablescapes
    More reciies
    I purchased the beautiful pink plates from Anthropologie you posted on Easter.
    I think you have a flare for home decor as wall as all else
    And please post sources !!

  39. I would love to hear more about home decor, your decorating style, tips on home decor! You have wonderful taste!

  40. Your posts are lovely, but I would like to also see more business attire featured on the site. Fit information would also be helpful. This is especially true for designer shoes.

  41. Been reading your blog for years! Excited to see what your changes will be! I’d love to see more pieces that are affordable and not party clothes as I rarely wear that kind of outfit. I’m either In something for work or I want a cute weekend outfit. Would also love to hear more about your parenting tips and about your hair routine! You’ve shared tools, but I would like to know if you wash it every day and if not how to keep to looking great. Thanks!

  42. I tried to leave 2 comments but for some reason they are disappearing. Home Décor, please do a video with a home tour before you move ;) I would also love to see more raw posts. I would like to see more videos and see more of your personality. It’s hard to translate that in pictures. Maybe adding a few videos answering reader’s questions, vlogs, beauty and home décor.

  43. Hi Rachel! Love your blog. I’d like to see more content around how you manage your businesses; the fashion brand and your blog and social media. I’d also love to see more content around being a working mom and wife. I would also more temple and spiritual content. Thanks, Nhlaks.

  44. I absolutely love your style! I would love to see ideas for family photo shoots. Your family photos always look amazing and I have a hard time trying to coordinate outfits. Thanks!!

  45. Loved the post Rach! Some topics I would like to see on your site is beauty, morning routine, home decor, and accessories.

  46. I’ve been following you for quit a while now and I always love your interior and event (dinners, babyshower) posts. Maybe you can do more with videos, I like to see you on youtube (a youtube channel?) I’m super curious to your new project, and I hope that it will be also available/ visible in Europe (Like I wish I could order your clothing line). Or maybe tips from you, as an entrepreneur. You are doing such a great job, you are growing fast, you (seem to make) good choices about your business and your speech at UVU is an inspiration!

    Love from Paris,

  47. Hi! You are the most stylish person ever! Definitely my favorite blogger. I would love to see outfit ideas for family photo shoots. You coordinate everyone’s outfits so well! Thanks!

  48. Thanks for asking for content ideas!
    1. More casual outfits combining things you already own (like how to work with what you already have)
    2. Closet editing and organizing
    3. Work/life balance
    Keep it coming, you are one inspirational lady!

  49. I love following you on snapchat and insta stories! It seems like you entertain a lot and I would love to see more of that on the blog. Xoxo

  50. Definitely would LOOOVE to hear about your journey through your next house build. What you finishes you choose, your floor pans etc. And of course why. It is interesting what people choose and why, particularly to suit a young family like yourselves. Thanks so much OX

  51. Hey Rach! Would love to see more hosting and party planning tips! Your gatherings are always picture perfect and you are such an amazing host!!

  52. I love your photos so much I would love to see how you edit your photos & home decorating ideas! I can’t wait to see your new site! Love everything about Pink Peonies xoxo

  53. I love the posts, and have been a reader for years. I think as you have grown in career and as a mother i’d love to hear more about your business side of things, running it, your staff composition etc and more on your motherhood experiences, pregnancy, and day to day with your little ones on things like meals, and whatever else you may wish to share. But not too much change that you lose your current vibe! i think apply change as you feel necessary and not because of expectations so that you remain authentic.

  54. I’ve seen through your posts how much family means, so maybe some content on family, marriage. Day to day life, motherhood and its struggles (i have a 3 and 1.5yr old- and it can get HARD) and cooking. How you juggle everything. ?

  55. i’d be interested in more transparency about the inner workings of your blog. How many people it takes to run it, how involved you are in the process, how you balance it with being a mom of two littles, how sponsors reach out to work with you, what type of camera & lens do you use, what you do with all your clothes after shoots. It’s just always fascinating when bloggers post behind the scenes of their blogs and we get to know the real blogger and their team, instead of just the surface face of the blogger – even though you have some of the most beautiful pictures and clothes, no doubt!

  56. I agree with so many of these others. I love seeing the pretty pictures and beautiful outfits, but would really love to hear more “behind the scenes” of your blog and business to get to know “you” a bit better. Additionally, although I do love your beautiful clothes, the truth of the matter is — most of us everyday women can’t afford the pricey brands you blog (though we do love to look at them). With that in mind, I think there’s three things we’d love to see blogged about. One, have you figured out some good tips on how the average woman can occasionally afford to buy designer goods? (If so, please share!) Second, I love it when you link to similar looks for less — I’d love to see more of that! Third, occasionally, it would be great to see you blog some looks (or even pieces) that are more affordable that more of your readers could afford (along the price point of Loft or Banana Republic).

  57. It would be great if you did “a day in the life of Rachel” The Wall Street Journal Monthly magazine (comes in a Saturday issue) does a profile called “Tracked” and it follows around their featured person and shows 7 or so, time stamps in what they are doing, but also some trivia things like, the number of emails they get in a day, what they eat for lunch etc. Yours might show 9 am feed family, – go to the office, work on new design sketches, meet with fabric suppliers, 12 noon – bring 12 outfit changes for blog/instagram posts. 2 Lunch with sister, 4 pm etc… I think it would help us to see what it’s like to be you in a given day :) Keep up the good work!

  58. I LOVE anything you post related to home decor and entertaining. I look forward to your Christmas decoration posts every year. haha i am a total nerd! Since you are designing the new house i think it would be fascinating to see more of that process! also, i think some vlog stuff could be really cool!

  59. It would be cool (if your sisters all agree) to do a “what we wore” post and post a picture of all of you and then individual pictures of everyone. Each of you could talk about your outfit and style under the individual picture. I have 4 other sisters so I love seeing you interacting and hanging out with your sisters.

  60. I would love to know more about the design process of your new home. It would be great to know where your design inspiration comes from. I struggle with staying timeless or going with a bold “moment” decor/design. I also love viewing your seasonal home decor posts!
    I enjoy your church attire Instagram posts. Now having a baby daughter I’m addicted to picking out the perfect Sunday outfit for church. It would be wonderful to see more posts regarding your adorable children.

  61. More beauty posts! I really really really would love to see a post about how you care for/shape/maintain pretty eyebrows! I know that is so random, but I have dark hair as well and I don’t know how to color them in or what I should be doing…yours always look fabulous!

  62. Love that you included the zipper part!! :)
    You are so real! I thought it only happened to me.
    Your babies/family are beautiful!

  63. Do you know where your sister’s blue dress and platform shoes are from? Been looking for platforms exactly like that for a trip I’m taking, and I’ve already hit so many stores with no luck! Would super appreciate being pointed in the right direction :)

  64. You look beautiful! I would love to see more posts on different makeup and hair looks. Also, a post on seasonal accessories would be fun. Maybe even a post on current recipes you’re trying. Love your blog and Instagram!

  65. I would love to know what you eat! I’ve recently been a mom and I’m still struggling with the last few pounds.How do you keep in shape after your two babies?

    A thousand kisses from the Azores

  66. I would welcome a list of closet staples. The bear minimum you should have in your closet that can be used everyday all day for all occasions. Including accessories, styles, options, etc. Thanks!

  67. Hello, I was wondering if you could let me know where those white vases are that are holding the flowers. Thanks :)

  68. I would love to hear about about how you started your blog and how you keep it going. I would enjoy a post on some of your blogging tips for those in the early stages of starting a blog and for those thinking about starting one.

  69. I would really love to hear about your workout suggestions and tips on the blog! I know you’ve been talking about your experience with BBG on Instagram, but I would really love to read a blog post about it that goes more in depth. BTW, I love all your posts and your clothing line <3!!!!!!!!!

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xo, Rach