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Today I want to introduce you to my friend, and newest blogger, Jen of withHEART. She is taking over Pink Peonies today to share with you a little bit about what her pretty site is all about. Take it away Jen!

Hello there, I'm Jen from withHEART. I'm a new mother to 10-month-old Ruby, a wife, have spent most of my professional life as a journalist, reporter, and anchor. I'm a new blogger at withHEART.com.

On withHEART, I strive to showcase the best in recipes, fashion, home design, fitness, and DIY. I want to make it more than a lifestyle blog-- I want to uplift and inspire readers with stories from other women. Readers can submit their stories on various topics each month (this month is sister stories!), and in addition, I highlight different women periodically. I like to think of withHEART as a daily dose of feel good inspiration!


1) (Rach) How did you come up with the idea for withHEART?

(Jen) I'm multi-facted, as we all are. I am passionate about many different things, and wanted a positive, uplifting, creative outlet. I also believe in going full force, giving your all, living "with heart." withHEART is a place for me to flex my creative muscles, try out new things, and also share stories, which is what I do professionally. I believe in celebrating others-- their successes, talents, relationships-- and also in giving people exposure to others' life experiences. I truly believe we can all learn from each other, and by sharing more about ourselves, it encourages empathy and compassion for those on the receiving end. I am so inspired by people. Their courage, their determination, their ability to face trials and come out of them stronger than before. I just love meeting someone new, getting to know them, and learning what makes them tick. My blog is a mixture of so many things that I love.

2) (Rach) What is your fashion philosophy?

(Jen) I believe in pairing classic pieces with the occasional trend. If I'm going to invest in something, I think it needs to be something that will still be in style a few years from now. If it's something I know I love and will wear often, I will spend the money. But, if something is a passing trend, I'll go for a less expensive option. I also want to be age appropriate, modest, and put together. And because I'm a working mom, my wardrobe has to be versatile. I think a great leather jacket, a simple, well made pair of jeans, some neutral heels and some pearls have a place in every woman's wardrobe. Pair those with the latest trend, and you're set.

3) (Rach) What are some of your current favorite trends?

(Jen) I love love love peplums. I think they are so flattering and look good on nearly everyone. A few of the options I've got my eye: This number from Ted Baker and this one from Rebecca Taylor. This one from Ann Taylor is a great one at a great price. I also am big into color blocking. And I'm a little obsessed with bows right now. Kate Spade is one of my favorite designers and her collection right now is full of bows! Loving these earrings, this scarf, and this cardi. think bows are the perfect combination of girly and classy.

4) (Rach) You're very busy with motherhood and work-- do you have any advice for women who want it all?

(Jen) I think you can have it all, but it's not without sacrifice. There are only so many hours in the day, as I constantly have to remind myself. You have to sleep some time. When you're in a mode, whether it's mommy or career, be as present as you can at that time. Multi-tasking too much can lead to mistakes and distractions. My husband and I make special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries count because we are apart so much for everyday things. If you are effective at managing your time and don't over commit yourself, I think you can successfully balance work and family. That being said, my family has my full heart. If Ruby needs me, I'm there. She always comes first. Everything else can wait.

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