My Winter Essentials...

My Winter Essentials...



I can’t believe that it's already November and winter is right around the corner! The weather changed so drastically this year, it went from hot to cold and we didn't really get an in-between period. Last week it went from warm and sunny to freezing with snow on the ground!

During the winter a lot changes; my wardrobe changes, my skincare routine changes and so do my cravings ;)

That’s why I partnered with Dove to share a few everyday essentials I use during the winter that I can't live without:

1. Bright Cozy Slippers

2. A Feminine Cashmere Scarf

3. Good lip balm (my lips get so chapped during the winter)

4. Hot Cocoa (my morning treat)

5. Moisturizing Body Wash (my favorite is Dove, great to use to shave your legs too). Dove Body Washes have the brand’s gentlest cleansers and provides softer, smoother skin after just one shower.

I've shared in the past that I've used Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash (an Allure 2015 Best of Beauty Award winner for “Best Moisturizing Body Wash”) for years, but especially during the winter! Dove has several amazing different body wash formulas to choose from, but during the winter months my favorite is the Deep Moisture Body Wash. Taking care of my skin starts in the shower, and this helps keep my skin smooth and nourished! It’s no surprise Dove is the #1 Dermatologist recommended brand as well as the #1 brand used personally by Dermatologists at home.

I would love to hear some of your favorite products you can't live without during winter!

xo, Rach

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