Weekend Fun: Snapshots...

Our weekend consisted of:

Dinner at Brio {my very most favorite restaurant} with Mom, Dad, Em, Tay, Capri & Drew.
{we missed the little girls, I guess their friends sounded like a cooler idea than playing with old married folk and a baby}
The BYU basketball game with a front row seat to the half time show featuring, The Golden Girls
{a group of grandmas that can karate chop, robot and shake their stuff to some funky music, they were SO cute!}
A little hot cocoa treat at The Chocolate and Sunday dinner with Drew's family
{pictured above, our little nieces tying drew up at the ankles,
they tease him almost as much as he teases them, it makes for great entertainment}

It was quite a great weekend!

I'm off to the first day of what is going to possibly be my hardest semester yet....great.

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