Weekend fun...

Weekend fun...

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This weekend was a fun one!

Friday: we headed over to Fashion Place ready to shop our hearts out at the grand opening of H&M,
little did we know that the mall would be a complete mad house full of
women and teenage girls that were all blood thirsty to get into that store.
It was craziness. We decided it wasn't worth standing in a two hour line so instead
we browsed through Nordstrom, J.Crew and Ann Taylor, enjoyed lunch at Cheesecake Factory,
and shopped in Crate and Barrel.
As we were about to leave Emily and I noticed the line to get into H&M was dying down
long they waited. Surprisingly it was only a twenty minute wait
so we decided to hop in line. The wait seemed to go by pretty quick {about 20 min}
and we found some cute {cheap} clothing items but it was a little too crazy to get the full shopping
experience so I'm going to wait a
couple of weeks and let it die down so I can actually shop their full selection without getting pushed and shoved.
{the inside of H&M felt a little like the sample sale scene in Confessions of a Shopaholic}

The out-of-control shoppers waiting to get in

We made it out alive!! Drew, this bag is not just my purchases, don't worry
Saturday: My dad, Emily, Taylor, Drew and I ran a 5k Turkey Trot and let me tell you, it was FREEZING!
We didn't even take any pictures at the actual race because we were so cold.
It was a fun race but I was exhausted after.
My dad, Drew and Tay were not very tired because about two hours after the race they ran another 3
miles {in the rain} Crazy!
Later that night Drew went with my dad to the BYU football game and us girls went to watch Megan preform at Art with Heart.
After we all met up at CPK.

The boys headed out for their second run for the day, looks miserable
Art with Heart

Sunday: Church and relaxing with the family.

I wish the weekend was longer!


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