Weekend fun!...

Weekend fun!...
The semester is coming to close and getting super busy so I was thankful for the break from
homework this weekend!

Brick oven with my family and ran into Drew's family while we were there

BYU game at the Energy Solutions Arena {that's always my favorite game of the season}
It was just us girls and papa at the game because Tay and Drew were both studying/taking tests and
my dad was at church meetings.
After the game, Drew and I went to Texas Roadhouse, strolled around the mall and then had a
gingerbread making contest with Rob and Lindsay {Drew's sister} and some of their friends
{we won the contest woot! woot!}

My teaching companion in primary wasn't there today so Drew came in and helped, he was so cute
with the kids. The boys that are usually bad and don't listen to me were loving Drew and
listened to every word he said {I should have him in class more often}
After church we took a LONG nap, had dinner and played games at the Parcells.

I know I say this every week but I seriously LOVE the weekend break!
We got another pic with Jim Jim, Wahoo! and will you all take a moment to admire Capri's fur boots
and cheetah dress, she was the most stylin' baby there and she was even featured on ESPN!
If you look closely, behind the ESPN commentators is Kate and Capriesse, Isn't she the cutest
thing ever?!
Drew added this lovely candy cane hot tub to the back of our gingerbread house
along with me and him in cinnamon bear form

Hope you all had a great weekend too!


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