This week was so busy so I was so happy when the weekend finally came!! We went to Macaroni Grill with my family, minus Megs :(. Then went to see Pirates of the Caribbean (LOVED it)! We had one ticket that was in a different row then the rest of our seats but we all wanted to sit together so Amy and I shared seats... that was a little interesting. Here is where the craziness begins... We go to the temple once a month with the Parcell's. It's a huge tradition and it's something that if your in the family you never miss. Well earlier in the month My cousin Brad took his endowments out at the Draper temple. I went but Drew couldn't go because he had class. Drew usually keeps my recommend with his in his temple bag but I pulled mine out so I could go to the endowment session. Friday night around midnight, were getting ready to leave my parents and I remembered I needed to get my recommend from my parents house. When I asked my dad if he had it he said no, so did my mom and so did Emily. We searched the house for a bit but it never turned up. I figured I left it at the temple and would call in the morning. As were driving home I then remember I still haven't picked up the necklace I ordered form my sister-in-law for Abi's bridal shower I was supposed to be hosting that next morning. Heather has four kids and a new little baby so I wasn't going to call her and wake her up. The next morning rolls around and at 8:00 I get up, call the Draper temple but no recommend, rush to American Fork to get the necklace, go the store, go to Drew's parents house to wrap the present all while frantically trying to get a hold of the bishop, who has never met me (we just moved into the ward), to get an interview for my recommend. by this time in is about 10:00 and I have an hour to get myself ready, get the fruit dip and tray ready I was bringing and get my self to the shower by 11:00.

Strawberries and dip I brought to the shower

As I was getting ready my bishop called me back who called my old bishop who cleared me for my recommend. Luckily I didn't need to meet with him he just called the temple, which made life a lot easier. I got the shower a little late but did pretty good on time considering the crazy morning I had. The shower was so much fun and it was good to catch up with old friends. It was nice to go to the temple with the Parcell's. The timing worked at so well. We were in the temple at 6:00, right when the world was "supposed to end." ;) I'd say that's a pretty good place to be when the world ends!

Before and after the temple

Luckily the world didn't because were going to Greece in less than two days! Wahoo! I'm so excited!!! After reading that story you probably think I'm the most unorganized person ever, but sense I have been married I have been so good at being organized, until Friday and Saturday.

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