Two playlists to get you in the Christmas Spirit

Two playlists to get you in the Christmas Spirit

One thing that personally brings me so much joy during the holiday season is music! I love being home for the holidays, and nothing makes me happier than a perfectly curated musical moment. I’ve created two different playlists to be the soundtrack for your holiday—we all need a little Christmas spirit, especially this year! The first is a set of traditional songs with a little gospel influence and the second is all the up-beat songs!

Traditional Christmas Playlist

There’s nothing that puts me in the Christmas spirit quite like the classic Christmas songs from childhood and before. This playlist is more slowed down and timeless & features some gorgeous new renditions of your favorite classics.

Family Christmas Playlist

This next playlist brings all the fun...whether it’s a gingerbread party or making DIY ornaments with the kids, this is sure to put you in the Christmas spirit! This collection of songs is going to have you dancing and feeling festive all season long.

Whether your Christmas classy or more casual, or even if you’re at home alone just wanting to feel the Christmas spirit, these playlists always do the trick for me and I hope you ladies enjoy them too! Happy Holidays!

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