FAQ: Isla Rose's Morning Hair Routine and Products...

FAQ: Isla Rose's Morning Hair Routine and Products...

^^ I always start by spraying her hair with a spray bottle and adding detangler. Usually, I braid her hair before bed which helps with the tangles. ^^ I give her my phone to play Endless ABC so it distracts her while I brush through her hair.

^^ This is my favorite smoothing brush when I'm doing ponytails or buns.

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This post is for my mama followers! One of my most asked questions is about Isla Rose's hair – how I do it and all the products I use. I am planning to do an Instagram Live so that I can give you more information on the products and show you how to do a few different hairstyles. I think that would be much more informative than showing a tutorial in pictures. I'll be going live tomorrow morning at 7:45 am MST!

I have found that if I brush and braid Isla Rose's hair before she goes to bed, it makes the mornings so much easier! I'm sure most of you mamas can relate to the screams and tears when brushing a toddler's hair. It's never fun but we've found a routine that makes doing her hair fun, quick and painless!!

My secret weapons are my spray bottle, detangler, wet brush, and phone!! I use the phone to distract her, the wet brush is specifically designed to gently get the tangles out (if you don't have one you need this stat). Using a spray bottle to get the hair damp and adding detangler is the quickest and most painless way to get through the tangles. After it's smooth, I add a pump of the volumizing foam I linked above to help set her natural curls.

Let me know what questions you have on the comments below so I can answer all of them during the live tomorrow morning!!

IG Live: Date Friday 3/8/19 at 7:45am MST


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