Thanksgiving is this week so I thought I would do a little post of a few things I am thankful for in my life...

10. My Nordys

9. My Steve Madden boots cute but comfy to wear to school

8. Red Mango

7. The new North Face coat sant(drew) brought me early especially because it is a bilizzard outside

6. Guiliana and Bill (my past time while I wait for Drew to get home from work)

5. Thankful I'm a lulu girl!;) Love it

4. Could not live without this baby!
3. My beautiful sisters. I could not live with out them

2. My amazing mom and dad. I love them so much and am so greatful for everything they do for me

1. and of course my Drew! He is the most amazing husband and I am so grateful he is in my life! I love you honey!

This is just a very small list of everything I am thankful for in my life. There are way to many to list!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

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