Thank you, Mom...

Thank you, Mom...


With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend I’ve been thinking a lot about how blessed I am to be a mom and to have been raised by such a wonderful and supportive mom. My mom’s example, influence and encouragement have helped shape me into the woman, mother and wife I am today. I truly would not be where I am today without her!

When I first started my blog almost five years ago EVERYONE thought I was crazy (including all of my sisters, Drew and my friends from school). Everyone except for my mom. Day in and day out she would go out with me to take my outfit pictures. We would drive around and climb through trees and bushes to find the perfect location and she never complained, even when it was freezing outside! She could tell how much I loved it and she was so dedicated to helping me pursue something I loved so much.

My mom was literally the only one who believed in me and encouraged me to follow my “blogging” dreams. She was my source of strength and really made me feel like I do anything I put my mind to. Almost every day she reminded me to be strong to not give up. I remember one day saying “I wonder if I’ll ever have 1,000 women and girls reading and following my blog each day!” and she said back: “Rachel, you’re going to have hundreds of thousands of readers and followers. You have something special.” I told her she was crazy and was just saying that because I’m her daughter and she had to. I’ve never forgotten that conversation and I never could have imagined that a few years later it would actually become a reality. She believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself and it’s because of her encouragement that I continued to grow and transform my blog from just a hobby to a full fledge business.

About a year and half after starting my blog I came across a lot of hateful and extremely hurtful remarks on the internet about me and my blog. I was literally heartbroken. I wanted to quit right then and there. I was so sad that people who didn’t even know me didn’t like me and were making fun of something that I worked so hard at and was so passionate about. I cried and cried and started feeling so low about myself after reading these remarks I made the decision to shut my blog down. I just wanted to crawl into a hole and never come out. My mom was right there to pick me up and encourage me to keep working hard at what I spent so much time and energy creating. She gave me little pep talks like; “Keep being you, Rach. You’re stronger than you think you are. If you quit now you’re letting them win.”

Through my small day-to-day failures and success my mom has always been there for me, cheering me on and telling me that I can do it even when I think I can’t. I wouldn’t have all the opportunities, the lifestyle or be where I am today without my mom (and as you can see she is to thank for most of this blog!). Those days in the beginning will always be some of my most cherished moments spent with my mom. She has always been me and my sister’s biggest fan and cheerleader in whatever we want to do in life. I hope to be the same caring, encouraging mom to my Isla Rose and this new baby joining our family in a few short months. I still remember almost perfectly the day Isla was born and the overwhelming and instant unconditional love I felt for her. From the moment I first held her I decided I would always be strong for her, no matter what. I want my kids to feel like they can accomplish their dreams, just as my mom did for me.

I’m so glad I can share this video from P&G’s Thank You, Mom Campaign called “Strong” just in time for Mother’s Day. It’s the next film of the series and I’ve watched them all so many times. I love how it portrays a mother’s courage in time of adversity. I may not be an Olympic athlete, but my mom has strengthened me and loved me my entire life and for that I am truly grateful. Wishing all the moms out there a wonderful Mother’s Day!!!

xo, Rach

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