Sweetest thing...

Sweetest thing...
Vest: Forever21, Top: J.Crew, Pants: Rich&Skinny, Boots: Steven by Steve Madden,
Belt: Urban Outfitters, Necklace: J.Crew, Earrings: Nadri{found at Nordstrom}
For those of you that use O.P.I. nail polish, you know that some of their bottles can be a bugger to get open.
There was one O.P.I. color in particular that had been no mind but every time I sat down to polish up my
nails, I couldn't get the bottle open {so frustrating}

This morning, I finally remembered to ask Drew to open it, he tried and tried {even pulled the pliers out}
but still, no luck on opening the stubborn thing. My husband is a strong one so I knew surely
he could somehow pry the thing open.
I finally said.. honey, pretend that my life depends on whether or not you get this nail polish open.
An eye roll later and one strong twist, it was open.

Glad to know my husband has my back if my life really does ever depend on the opening of a nail polish.

It's the small things like this that make me love my cute husband.

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