Sweaters Under $100 + Q&A...

Sweaters Under $100 + Q&A...

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Happy Friday!!! Today I thought I'd share with you some super cute sweaters that are perfect for fall or winter and are ALL UNDER $100!! I own a few of these and kind of wish I owned them all ;) Which are your favorite?!

And now for this week's Q&A...

What is your most worn shoe these days? Both affordable and high end?

My nude Christian Louboutins are for sure my most worn shoe! I wear them to church every Sunday, out on date nights with Drew and to events and meetings. They are definitely my favorite splurge piece in my wardrobe!!! My most worn affordable shoes are my UGGS and these March Fisher booties (which happen to be on sale right now!).

Where do you like to shop for your kids?

Gap, Zara, Old Navy, and Childhoods Clothing!!

What is your favorite affordable store to shop at?

Right now it's my RP Everyday Shop!!! Everything is under $100, most things are even under $50!! I love it because it's a boutique style shop and I've hand-selected each piece so it feels curated. The pieces are casual and perfect for everyday living!! Plus we have new arrivals launching next Wednesday so stay tuned!


Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful weekend!!

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