Spring time look for the family...

Spring time look for the family...

Dressed up with nowhere to go- except the backyard for some sunshine and sidewalk chalk before we start home preschool for the day!

For me, the biggest difference in my mood and day is waking up and getting myself (and my babes) dressed for the day. I definitely don’t curl my hair everyday but I do try and put a little makeup on, and put cute loungewear or a comfortable dress on (I can’t wear jeans prego, way too restricting uncomfortable).

I have noticed if I look like a slob kabob all day long, in turn I feel and behave like one all day as well. I’ve even more so noticed this to be true for my kids. There is almost a mental shift in their minds when we get dressed for the day, especially when we’re reading and doing their school worksheets. They are more focus and take it more seriously than when they’re still in their pjs.

I found out outfits AND the unicorn sidewalk chalk on Nordstrom.com. How cute is Bear’s sweatshirt?! I decided to go for this dress because it’s lightweight, comfortable and I will be able to wear it the rest of my pregnancy. Thought it would be so cute to wear all spring and summer! Any dress I can twirl around in I’m a sucker for!!

Dress: Free People | Jackson's Sweater: The New | Jackson's Shorts: Sovereign Code | Isla Rose's Shirt: Habitual | Isla Rose's Skirt: Seed Heritage | Isla Rose's Boots: HUNTER

Would love to hear what you ladies are doing daily to start off each day mentally in a good place. Is it getting dressed? working out? Meditating? Sending love and prayers to all of you!

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