Skin care...

Skin care...

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So I love to read up on the latest fashion trends and beauty products so I thought I would share some tips I have learned and some amazing products that are a must have in any womens drawer, especially for spring and summer!

First segment: skin care.

MAC Prep and Prime face protect is a tiny bottle with a whole lot of SPF! This UV blocker is not only an amazing moisturizing prep before you put your foundation on but it also contains SPF 50... What moisturizer is more perfect for warm summer days in the sun. $30.00 click here to view this product

MAC Fix Plus is like hairspray for your face. It holds makeup on longer throughout the day and also freshens makeup up, just spray this baby on before going out and it's like you redid your makeup. I love to spray this on my face before I put my makeup on and also before I go to bed.

Jergins Natural Glow Facial Daily Moisturizer is a great way to achieve a glowing tan on your face without any sun damage involved... it also contains SPF 20, I've used this product and loved it!

Kiehl's Creme de Corps is a hydrating body moisturizer that has no fragrance in it! I love this one because I'm allergic to scented lotions and it also is just an amazing lotion!

For oily skin: Clinique liquid facial soap, is one of the top editors picks for a.m. facial cleansers in the latest Instyle Magazine... this cleanser is famous for getting rid of oils without drying the face out. $16.00
click here to view this product

I swear by this one... for sensitive to normal skin: Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser, this piece of heaven is what I have to thank for my, almost perfect skin! Ever sense I have used this (twice a day) my skin has been smooth, soft and most importantly (for the most part) blemish free!!

mark. for goodness face, is an oil free moisturizer that contains dark chocolate, lemon fruit, european herb extract, blueberry extract and canadian willow herb extract also SPF 30 (fragrance free). I've never tried this one but it's on my list! also a top editors pick at Instyle Magazine!

Maxi Hair is a hair, nails and skin vitamin that contains generous amounts of biotin, horsetail herb extract, MSM and B-complex vitamins including A,C&E. (gluten free) Both my mother-in-law and sister-in-laws take this and they love it! I've started taking it and I definitely recommend it especially for your skin! (take twice daily)

The road to perfect skin is a long and challenging process to say the least.

So are people born with naturally flawless skin or is it simply they have an amazing skin care routine?

My answer to that question would be the second option, they have an amazing skin care routine.

My skin reached it highest blemish free point when I religiously began to wash my face day and night with the same cleanser. Cyndi Crawford once said, the key to amazing skin is consistency, and I for one am a true believer of this.

To test Crawford's theory I switched my routine up, (I've been using Cetaphil sense my junior year in high school) I switched to Drew's Aveda cleansers and I totally broke out! Sure enough once I switched back to my same routine, with in a week I was back to my normal skin.

My one bit of advice would be no matter what facial cleanser you use, pick the one that is best for your skin and be religiously consistant with your facial routine.

Tip: After you splash water on your face and remove your makeup, get a damp washcloth and put some of your cleanser on it, rub all over face removing any excess makeup you might have missed.

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