Senreve for Mother's Day...

Senreve for Mother's Day...

I have an amazing and thoughtful Mother's Day gift idea that I want to share with you! Senreve is one of my favorite brands and I have been wearing their bags for years! And let me just tell you, the inside is just as beautiful (functional) as the outside!!!!

I love personalized gifts and this is one that is unique to the woman you are gifting to. Senreves team is currently hand painting initials or a pretty icon of your choice on any Senreve bag you purchase. On my Blush Maestra Bag they painted my initials and a flower on the side. This bag was already a favorite and now I love it even more with the personalized touch!

My mom has this bag too and loves it. If you wanted to order one for a loved one for Mother’s Day and are worried about not getting it in time, you could always print off a photo and wrap it up for a sweet surprise. And don’t forget about yourself!! You can always drop a little hint to your husband or children too if you are in the market for a new bag! ;)

Sponsored by Senreve

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