Rockets of Awesome...

Rockets of Awesome...

rockets-of-awesome-kids-clothes-1 rockets-of-awesome-kids-clothes-2 rockets-of-awesome-kids-clothes-6 rockets-of-awesome-kids-clothes-3 rockets-of-awesome-kids-clothes-4 rockets-of-awesome-kids-clothes-5 rockets-of-awesome-kids-clothes-11 rockets-of-awesome-kids-clothes-7 rockets-of-awesome-kids-clothes-10 rockets-of-awesome-kids-clothes-9 rockets-of-awesome-kids-clothes-8 rockets-of-awesome-kids-clothes-12 rockets-of-awesome-kids-clothes-14 rockets-of-awesome-kids-clothes-13 rockets-of-awesome-kids-clothes-17 rockets-of-awesome-kids-clothes-16rockets-of-awesome-kids-clothes-15I'm always on the hunt for cute, new clothes for Isla because she's changing and growing so fast (and because little girl clothes are so fun to buy!). Just before I had Jackson, Drew and I went through Isla's closet and packed away all of the clothes that didn't fit her anymore and to be honest, it was really sad for me! Some outfits I specifically remember her wearing and I can remember exactly what we did that day. It brought back a flood of memories and made me realize how fast these babies grow!!

Being a mama of two has been an adjustment to say the least, so I'm open to ANY idea that will help simplify my life. When I heard about Rockets of Awesome I knew I wanted to try it out! It's a new kid's brand and a smarter way to shop for kid's clothing. Instead of packing up the kids and heading to the mall (just the thought alone sounds exhausting!!), go to their website and fill out a simple quiz about each of your kids (their size, likes, dislikes, favorite colors to wear, things they won't wear, etc.), and four times a year they will send you a personalized box of handpicked items for your little one for the upcoming season!

The best part of the service is that it's totally free, including shipping and returns. You only pay for what you keep and whatever you don't want, just send back! Isla's fall box just came in the mail and there are SO many cute things! I'm dying over this pink skirt. It fits her style and personality perfectly and she's literally worn it every single day since the day we got it (sometimes not even in a complete outfit, just over her pajamas!!). The quality of the clothing is great and I love that their prices are super affordable. I'm already looking forward to getting her winter box!

So if you're a busy mama like me and want to give Rockets of Awesome a try, you can sign up for the free service here! And if you do, be sure to let me know what you think!

xo, Rach

Brought to you by Rockets of Awesome.

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