Road Tripping with your Kids: A Survival Guide

Road Tripping with your Kids: A Survival Guide

Posted by Jordan Lee on

Summer's here, vacations are planned... which might include a road trip or two. If you have little kids, you know road trips can be stressful and really test your limits as a parent! Being a mom of 3 littles, I'd say I've ALMOST mastered road tripping with kids. Below, I've written out my tips, tricks, and must-have items for surviving a road trip with your kids.
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I think the most important thing for road tripping with your kids is to keep them entertained and busy so you can focus on the road (or just keep your sanity). I make sure my kids have plenty of fun activities to do in the car, along with car travel trays that are perfect for coloring, puzzles, and storing all of their toys and snacks. No matter how long the road trip may be, kids are kids, and there's a good chance they'll get restless at some point! As a little motivation to stay on their best behavior, I have "mystery bags" for my kids that they can open each hour of the road trip. If they are misbehaving, they miss out on the next mystery bag. The mystery bags can include a coloring book, or their favorite treat, or anything to keep them entertained! Below, I've compiled all of my essentials for road tripping with kids. I hope this helps with all of your future road trips!

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