Rags to riches...

Rags to riches...
A couple weeks ago my friend Megan hosted a bridal shower for my other friend Katie. Megs decorated it so darling, she had three puff balls hanging from the ceiling and a wreath on the door. She made them out of coffee filters (who would have thought coffee filters could be so cute). It sounded easy enough so I decided to try it out, but not on a wreath or a puff ball but on a poor little dusty lamp that was never being used because it wasn't very cute, but don't worry, I gave it a much needed makeover.

Here is a little tutorial on how I made over my little lamp...


*glue gun

*spray paint (I found my spray paint at hobby lobby, I got a white primer and ivory satin for the finish)

*about two packages of 100 coffee filters (but this just depends on how big your lamp shade is)

*and of course a lamp and a lamp shade

Step one: prime and spray your lamp post (I let my primer sit for about 15 min and then I went over it with the ivory spray paint and let that dry for about an hour)

Step two: Set your lamp shade on something sturdy then start scrunching one coffee filter at a time. Hold on to the bottom center of the filter and gently pull up (there really isn't a right or wrong way of how to fold them, just however you want your shade to look, I messed around with mine first seeing what worked the best)

Step three: After you have folded one of your coffee filters, place the glue at the tip of filter and stick it to your lamp shade. Repeat this process until the shade is covered.

Within just around an hour my lamp went from rags to riches!

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