Rachel Parcell x Blue Sky Planners 2023

Rachel Parcell x Blue Sky Planners 2023
I am so excited to announce I've partnered with Blue Sky Planners again for 2023! These gorgeous planners are designed with you in mind-- all big ideas and goals start with a plan!
RP x Blue Sky 2023 Planners laying next to each other on white background
This chic, and elevated collection was inspired by RP designs and some of my favorite patterns and prints.These planners have some of my favorite designs from last year's collection and some brand new beautiful designs. I'm so excited for you to see them, I hope you love them as much as I do! You can shop the collection now at Target.com!
Rachel Parcell sitting at her desk writing in new RP x Blue Sky 2023 planner
Rachel Parcell hiding face with RP x Blue Sky 2023 Planner with pink peonies and looking at camera
The Peony Planner is signature and classic to the RP brand. We had to have it again for the 2023 Blue Sky Collection!
Rachel Parcell x Blue Sky Planner - Clementina print (floral print on white background)
The Clementina Planners are gorgeous new design, and perfect for a fresh start! 
Two black RP x Blue Sky 2023 planners with white butterflies stacked on desk
The Bella Planners are some of my favorites. I am loving butterflies right now! 
Rachel Parcell standing in her office holding stack of multiple different RP x Blue Sky 2023 Planners
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