Our Backyard Q&A...

Our Backyard Q&A...

Posted by Rachel Parcell on

After I posted our Patio Reveal I had so many questions from all of you about our backyard. A lot of the questions were things that my husband Drew would have the answers to. I went through and gathered them up and asked Drew to help me answer them for you! Here is the Q&A below and I hope that it answers a lot of the questions you have!



Can you share source for your pool tiles?

Yes! My hubby and pool contractor thought I was crazy for picking this tile but I love that it's different, unique and had never been done before!! You can find them here!

What brand of pool cover do you have?

Coverstar® and it opens with a keypad.

Do the stones around the pool ever get hot or slippery?

They can heat up with the summer sun but not crazy hot. We don’t think it’s very slippery because of its texture.

Who was your pool contractor?

Infinity Pools, LLC. We loved them so much and highly recommend!

Is the pool cover automatic?

Yes, for both pool and hot tub.

Is the pool cover hard and can you walk on it?

It's not hard, but you can walk on it. It feels like you're walking on a waterbed. It can hold the weight of a car and was worth every penny.

Is your pool concrete and is it heated?

It is made with gunite concrete and is also heated.

How did you make your backyard baby-proof, is the pool safe for kids?

There are some areas I worry about but we have put up fences and plant barriers to help. Overall we feel like it's a safe place but you never know with toddlers...Rachel is a helicopter mom and does not let the kids go outside without an adult to supervise.

How long does it take to open and close the pool cover?

20 - 30 seconds.

Any must do’s and or regrets with a pool and kids?

We have our kids in private swimming lessons every week all summer, Aquatics Academy, and that has helped Rach and I feel more comfortable with the kids and pool. Jackson and Isla Rose are both very strong swimmers and know their way around our pool. It's more other children we worry about. Our #1 rule is if a child cannot swim, their floaties don’t come off until pool is closed.


Where did you buy your trampoline?

It’s by Trampoline Down Under. Our trampoline is flat to the ground which makes it much safer for kids jumping!

How to keep critters and bugs from living under trampoline?

We have pest control and we don’t really go under the trampoline since it has gravel underneath. Utah doesn’t get too many bugs because of our winters. We've never noticed a bug issue under there.

How does the trampoline do in the winter?

No issues but we feel like it gets bouncier the next spring, lol.

Who installed the trampoline into the ground?

Our landscaper did but any landscaper could do it. There are also kits you can buy if you’re a DIY type of person if you like to dig big holes, lol. I recommend hiring a professional.


What type of ivy do you have?

Boston Ivy. This type is not destructive! We love it.

Who is your landscape contractor?

LE Landscaping, Inc.

What plants did you use in your backyard?

Boxwoods, limelight hydrangeas, weeping white pine trees, topiaries, knock out roses. Our designer was Brenda Robertson from Posies & Co. and you can find her on Instagram. Brenda lives in Utah, she's so talented! She was the florist at my wedding too!

What is the best online shop for planter boxes?

Frontgate, Restoration Hardware. Utah locals: I recommend DownEast Home (that's where I found my blue ones) and Sun River Gardens.

How do you choose where is best to put the lighting in your backyard?

Spotlight your statement trees and plants! We had our landscape contractor help up with placements of these lights. We did corner trees and statement trees!

How do you keep your backyard free of bugs?

We have pest control but no backyard will ever be free of bugs. Utah winters do keep the bugs under control which is actually really nice!! Make me appreciate winters more!


Where did you get your shutters?

Architectural Depot

What color is your brick painted?

Both our shutters and our brick is painted Grey Mist by Benjamin Moore. Our shutters have more of a sheen to them and our brick is more of a flat sheen.

Do you have outdoor speakers?

We have TruAudio speakers and they are strategically placed with the landscape so you can’t see them but you can hear from it anywhere in the yard. I highly recommend them! They were so sweet to work with and they gave us a discount on all of our speakers.

Do you have any open grass areas?

Yes, over by the trampoline. It’s a great size for the kids to play soccer or run around.

What is the blue stone name?

Pennsylvania Bluestone.

How do you keep your grout so clean and white?

We use a power washer and Drew loves doing it, it's therapeutic. We power wash everything probably once a month in the summer.

Where did you get your fire pit?

Drew built it and it runs on gas. The inside is filled with reflective glass rocks from American Specialty Glass. If you'r interested in building a fire pit I would reach out to a landscape contractor as well and they can help!


Where are your hanging lanterns from?

Bevolo and they are the electric model. Our front patio has the gas model.

How do you keep your furniture so clean, especially the white couches?

They have Sunbrella® slipcovers that can be removed and washed.

Do you remove the cushions ever?

No, not until winter and we bring them out again late spring.

Do you cover your furniture when it rains?

Not during the summers. We will store it during the late fall through late spring. We don't get a ton of heavy rain in late spring and summer here!

Where is your round table from?

It’s from Horchow.

Where is the rest of your furniture from?

It was gifted to us by FrontGate. You can find all the furniture sources and links in this post!

Where did you get your sandbox you've been posting about?

I found it on Overstock. I love that it's a natural wood, it looks pretty and has the cutest little seat for them to sit on the corners while they play!

^^We love our @truaudiospeakers and it is so nice that the speakers aren't even noticeable at all!


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