Meet Owlet...

Meet Owlet...

owlet-baby-home-care owlet-baby-sock pp pp1 owlet-baby-care owlet-baby-vitals-monitoringRobe: Plum Pretty Sugar | Isla's Onsie: Ralph Lauren | Nursery Rug: Lulu and Georgia


Becoming a mama has been the best thing that has ever happened to me, but it has also been the scariest! I still remember our trip home from the hospital, Drew was driving and I was in the back seat with Isla watching her every move... Was she breathing? Was she comfortable? Was her neck in the correct position? Every tiny bump Drew hit while driving would have me all worried that it would hurt little Isla.

Then the very first night home I did not sleep AT ALL! I would shine the flashlight on my phone on Isla every few minutes to make sure she was breathing and a few times I even woke her up to make sure she was okay. I was turning into a crazy lady (that needed to get some sleep).

I don’t think I’m the only mom that has lost sleep over worrying about the well being of her baby and I know I won’t be the last!! I was introduced to Owlet when Isla was around 3 months old, I started putting the little sock on Isla each night and it gave me so much peace of mind as a new mom! I wanted to introduce all of you mamas or mamas-to-be to this amazing product, that has changed lives (click here to watch how it has).

Owlet is a smart sock that your baby wears to monitor their heart rate and oxygen level. It is the only monitor to use hospital technology called pulse oximetry that's safe for the home. Owlet's tested and proven technology will alert you via your iPhone and the Owlet port if your baby stops breathing or if anything becomes irregular.

To learn more about Owlet, click here.

xo, Rach

Brought to you by Owlet.

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