Nordstrom Strawberry Lemonade Recipe...

Nordstrom Strawberry Lemonade Recipe...

How to: Nordstrom Strawberry Lemonade

This is my favorite drink to get while I am shopping at Nordstrom!! So fresh and yummy to sip on while I browse.

Their chef shared how to make it on their Instagram a few weeks ago and with the Fourth of July coming up, I thought I would share here because it’s SO easy to make and would make for the perfect refreshing summer drink to serve at your next BBQ!!

You will need:

- Lemonade

- Fresh strawberries (freeze for 30 - 1 hour) for perfect texture

- Ice

- Fresh Lemons

To start, I put the fresh (slightly frozen) strawberries in a blender and make the purée. If you’re strawberries are getting stuck and having a hard time moving around in blender, add a little bit of lemonade to get them moving.

I personally like mine with a little more texture so I don’t blend it as much. Once your strawberries are puréed, set aside.

Add 2 tbsp of strawberry purée to 10 oz of lemonade and stir together!

Add Ice and garnish with freshly sliced lemons. ENJOY!

You can watch my IGTV video of me making this drink here.

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