Nordstrom Family Workout Picks + Motivating My Kids to Be Healthy and Active

Nordstrom Family Workout Picks + Motivating My Kids to Be Healthy and Active

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One of my favorite ways to approach my wellness and exercise goals is to get my whole family involved! We're all pretty active on our own, but with spring around the corner I'm really looking forward to more hikes, outings, swimming, and weekend activities that get us up and moving together.


Nordstrom Workout Clothes for My Whole Family

If you've made a family exercise resolution for 2021, consider investing in some new activewear for spring. This is an easy and positive way to approach your kids about setting new intentions—especially if they've been feeling a little sluggish with winter and quarantine. These are my Nordstrom recommendations for the whole family!


Nordstrom Workout Picks for Whole Family


My current IVL picks are this chic (#1) sports bra and (#2) scallop collagen-infused leggings.

Isla Rose always loves a (#3) matching velour set for going to and from practice.

Bear's comfortable (#4) workout shirt (#5) Nike sweatshirt, (#6) shorts, and (#7) running shoes are perfect for soccer practice. He also loves to run around at recess so he wears his Nike shoes every day to school.

Bear loves when Mr. Ford wears Nike. This (#8) baby onesie so comfy and Bear loves that he gets to match his brother.

Drew's Faves are an easy (#9)Nike workout shirt and (#10) sweat shorts.

How I Keep My Family Active and Healthy

I love that Isla Rose and Bear are naturally active (dance practice and soccer keep them busy), and that Mister Ford seems happy to join in on the fun. To keep my kids healthy and motivated, here are a few ways I approach our family's fitness and exercise goals:

I stay present and involved with my kids’ physical extracurriculars.

For example, I attend practices often and engage with my kids’ peers and teachers. I feel like this reinforces their positive associations with activity, teamwork, and exercise.

I encourage growth and hard work.

I grew up in a family that doesn’t shy away from a little healthy competition, and I want to pass those same merits on to my own family.

I limit screen time and plan outings.

It takes a bit more effort and planning (always tricky as a busy parent), but my kids won’t even notice they’re missing out on watching TV if I’ve already scheduled a sled day with their cousins. They end up having way more fun!

I try to be a role model in and out of the house.

We have a home gym in the basement, so it's easy for the kids to come down and join Drew and me whenever we're working out. If we set a good example, the kids like to play along... For example, if Drew is doing a pushup, they'll try to match him. Even if you don't have a designated gym space at home, it's easy to get kids involved in dance workouts and active games in your living room or backyard.

Nordstrom Workout Picks for Whole Family

All in all, I’m working to build a strong foundation and encourage a healthy, active lifestyle for my whole family. I’m always looking for more ideas and inspiration, so please feel free to comment your favorite ways to get kids up and moving on my Instagram!



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