My Signature Lip Combos...

My Signature Lip Combos...

^^ Perfectly Pink

My signature lip combo that I wear pretty much daily is Soar Liner and Snob Lipstick from MAC. Sometimes I use Cream Cup by MAC instead of Snob depending on if I have a spray tan or not. If I have a spray tan I'll wear Snob because it goes on more nude if I have more color. If I'm pale then it goes on super pink so I replace Snob with Creme Cup. For daily wear I prefer Cream Cup and if I have a photoshoot I like wear Snob. I always wear Soar Liner with both. I also love adding a variety of glosses to this combo (including Dolly by Buxom and Turkish Delight by NARS) to change things up every once in a while.


^^ Bold Red

Finding the perfect bold Red lip can be hard. My favorite combo for the perfect Red lip is Mac Red Lipstick and Cherry Liner. I wear this combo almost daily during holidays like Christmas and the Fourth of July or if I have a pop of red in my outfits I always add a pop of red on my lips too. I love that its the perfect true red that doesn't have too much orange or blue undertones.

^^ Classic Nude Lip

When I'm wearing a look that is neutral or more edgy I like to compliment my outfit with a nude lip. My favorite combo is Kim K.W. lipstick and Iconic Nude liner by Charlotte Tilbury with Turkish Delight lipgloss by NARS. I also love Boldly Bare liner and Creme D'nude lipstick by MAC. Boldly Bare is a little more subtle of a liner than Iconic Nude. Both of these combos are great and I love pairing them with a smokey eye for a more dramatic look.


Cosmetic Bags: Truffle c/o (also here) and Louis Vuitton | Pencil Sharpener: MAC

If you've followed me for a long time you've probably noticed that I have my three signature lip combos that I swear by. In our new living room we have an art installation of lips going in, each lip being custom painted to match these three signature lip shades of mine!! I truly believe every girl should have her own signature Pink, Nude and Red lip combos in her cosmetic bag, which is why I've shared my signature lip combos above.

What is your favorite lip combo?



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