My Morning Routine for Spring 2021...

My Morning Routine for Spring 2021...

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I thrive on a routine! I've always been a creature of habit so I love to set a schedule and get myself in my grove. Below are my latest tips and tricks for feeling fresh and energized first thing...  

First Thing In the Morning...

Around 5:30am (sometimes 7am depending on my workout schedule), I wake up and drink 16-22oz of warm lemon water. (I squeeze half of a fresh lemon in my warm water and down it before I do anything else). 

There's a lot of debate on lemon water and some say it's not a real thing, but I've been drinking warm lemon water for 3 months now and I promise it works! I hired a nutritionist and she said it helps you get hydrated, kickstart your metabolism, and aid digestion. Lemons also have natural cleansing agents so they're so good to drink in the morning. Two other things I've noticed since drinking lemon water: It cures my afternoon headaches (I haven't had once since!), and I don't crave as much Diet Coke throughout the day. Long story short, I'm converted to lemon water for life. 

Morning Routine Rachel ParcellRachel Parcell Morning Routine^^ Lypo Spheric Vitamin C packet 

Getting the Kids Ready

Next, I get my kids up, dressed, fed and off to school...

Before my kids leave for the day I give them these multivitamin gummies and Vitamin C spray. (They think the spray is fun.) If it's a cloudy or snowy day I'll give them and myself a drop of D3 under their tongue as well.

I also do the same Vitamin C spray in the morning, but if I feel like I have a cold coming on, I'll down this vitamin C pack in a little bit of water and I swear it zaps it! I give this to my kids too if I think they're coming down with something.

(I take the rest of my vitamins at lunch time, I'll do a post about that later). 

Morning Routine Rachel Parcell

^^ ZO Power Defense Serum / TrueLipids Perfecting Lotion / TULA Protect and Glow Sunscreen 

My Skincare Routine

I don't use a cleanser or makeup remover on my face in the mornings, but I do like to clean and prep it a little before I exercise. (Cleansing too much can strip your skin barrier; this is something my facial aesthetician told me and I've stuck to it ever since.)

First, I give my face a light exfoliation with a warm washcloth and then apply a layer of serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen (all linked above). I don't apply any makeup if I'm heading to the gym, and sometimes on cloudy days I skip sunscreen to let my skin breathe a little. 

My Morning Workout 

After I prep my face I transition to workout mode! I workout 5x a week and do a mix of cardio training and weight training depending on the morning. Currently I'm doing a mix of BBG at home, Train Insane and Studio IVL. I love the variety and I can tell the consistency and mix of training is really starting to pay off. (I've been doing this routine since February.) 

My Pre- and Post-Workout Routines:


-1 scoop of Upper Limit PreWorkout in Watermelon flavor. I dump this into about 4oz and chug right before I walk into my workout. 

-Large water bottle to drink during my workout and I make sure to finish it. Hydration is so important! 


-1 scoop of GNC Sustained Protein in either Chocolate Shake or Thin Mints in 8oz of water. 

-1 banana, apple, or thin wheat bread. 

My nutritionist gave my strict instructions to get a carb and a protein in right after my workout- I'm trying to tone my muscles and if you don't fuel after your workout, you'll start over the next morning instead of building on your hard work. 

Morning Routine Rachel Parcell

^^ GNC Sustained Protein Blend in Chocolate Milkshake

Morning Routine Rachel Parcell

^^ RP Petal Plates

My Morning Commute

On my way to work or in between home, gym, and office, I typically just drive in silence so I can let myself think. Sometimes if I need a boost I'll listen to a segment from General Conference or a motivational podcast, but the most important thing is to feel like I'm absorbing all the benefits of my morning before moving on to the rest of my day... Everything just feels so much more manageable and enjoyable from there.

This ends my morning routine! I love the tone that it sets... I already feel super accomplished so I can dive right in to my work, home, and family projects. Thanks so much for stopping by; I hope you find something here that you might want to incorporate into your own regimen. 

(Next on my list is to get in the habit of making my bed in this routine ;) I do sometimes but I'm super inconsistent.)


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