My Favorite Workout Pants...

My Favorite Workout Pants...

7 months after I gave birth to Jackson, I started waking up an hour before my babies did and would get my work out done for the day. I worked out every week, six days a week, for over a year and half. Even when I was traveling for work or fun I would make time to get it done. When we moved into our home last October I was a little thrown off of my routine and then with the holidays I got lazy and thought I would just start up again in the new year.

Well, in the new year work was busier than ever before, so although I started working out again, it was very hit and miss. For me, I've found I'm a happier person when I'm moving my body. I have more energy and I sleep better! It’s like my therapy session the mornings.

I currently workout 5 times a week. Three times just at home with hand weights and a paint bucket doubled as bench, and then I go to a cardio class twice a week.

My favorite leggings to wear to workout in are the lululemon In Movement Tights. They are my sister Amy's favorite too. 9 times out of 10 you'll catch Amy in a black tee, slides and her lulu leggings. You can move so easily in them, they breathe amazing during a workout, they feel like butter on, and they hold you in! They have been my go-to workout legging for such a long time now. They always seem to be the ones I gravitate towards in the mornings before my workout! It doesn’t matter if you are training or running, the In Movement Tights are so great for everything! I own them in so many colors! You can shop the leggings here!

This is also my fave sports bra to wear, I love the back and love that it gives me support, but I can still move and feel comfortable. I have linked the sports bra and jacket I am wearing here as well!! Having great workout clothes always makes me want to work out even more and the In Movement Tights along with all of my other lululemon products always make me feel that way! :)

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