My Favorite Travel Bags I Can't Live Without!!

My Favorite Travel Bags I Can't Live Without!!


Carry On Tote: Saint Laurent | Carry On Roller Bag: Louis Vuitton | Hat Box: CalPak (also here) | Suitcase: Cal Pak (also here) | Make Up Bag: Sly Beauty Cosmetics | Laptop Case: Senreve | Jewelry Bag: Truffle | Toiletries Bag: Louis Vuitton

I have started to travel so much lately, and this year it is only going to pick up even more. Packing can sometimes be hard, but I found that if I have luggage that I like it makes it so much easier. I have put together a specific set of bags that I use every time and I really can't live without any of these bags now! They are all my absolute favorites and I wanted to share them with you!

Favorite Carry On Tote - Saint Laurent: I got this tote a few months ago on Like a Bandit so I got it at a discount!! I major scored because Saint Laurent hardly ever is discounted. I love the color and the size is perfect for travel. Seriously my favorite!

Carry On Roller Bag - Louis Vuitton: I got this bag for Christmas this year from Drew. I have been wanting it for years and I was so surprised! I never actually decided to buy it for myself but Drew decided to take the plunge since I will be traveling for work a lot this year!

Hat Box - CalPak: This is the only way I can travel with hats without ruining them or having them lose their shape. Everyone asks me how I pack hats and this is how!! I check it with my suitcase.

Suitcase - CalPak: LOVE this one!! I've used a Cal Pak checked bag for years now!! One of my zippers did break and I had to get a new one, but I think that was my fault for overloading it. I have never had an issue with this new one! So cute and functional!!

Make Up Bag - Sly Beauty Cosmetics: This bag literally fits everything!! Including my brushes and palettes. The best make-up bag ever! There is a compartment for EVERYTHING!! You know my cousin Ashley?? This is her new makeup bag she designed and I’m telling you it’s life changing. More more unorganized makeup bags!!!!

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Laptop Case - Senreve: I just love this envelope laptop sleeve. The texture is so perfect and it is my favorite color of course!

Jewelry Bag - Truffle: I use this bag for all of my jewelry and it keeps all of it safe. There is plenty of room for my statement earrings which I love!

Toiletries Bag - Louis Vuitton: I love this bag for my toiletries such as my skincare products and toothbrush! It is one of my favorites and looks so beautiful displayed on a vanity. It was an investment piece but worth every penny. I use it every day!!

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