My Dermatologist Recommended Anti Aging Routine...

My Dermatologist Recommended Anti Aging Routine...

It has been a while since I have posted about skin care products and I wanted to share an amazing new regimen I was introduced to and after testing it out, have loved! I've already filled you in about the Peptide-C anti aging moisturizer from Vichy, but I have added in a few more of their dermatologist recommended products for literally the ultimate anti-aging routine out there!

I have always loved the Vichy USA products and any time they come out with something new I love to try it out! This new routine features the most recommended anti-aging ingredients by US dermatologists and they are proven to work! Those ingredients are Peptides,Vitamin C, and Retinol and all of them are used in each of Vichy's products! As I am getting older I always make sure to find face and body products that promote healthy and ageless skin and that are so easy to use! I'm quickly approaching my thirties and time just doesn't seem to slow down so I'm wanted to keep myself looking as youthful and fresh as I possibly can. I believe that you have to be proactive with aging and Vichy is my go-to when I need products of that sort! This Vichy line up fits so seamlessly into my nightly routine and I love the results I am seeing from it!

Okay so for the line up! First I have been using the LiftActiv Vitamin C Serum! It is so amazing!! It makes my skin look so radiant and smooth. I like to apply this right after I cleanse my face. I feel like my skins just soaks up the good ingredients. This serum is made of 15% pure Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid, and you see results in just 10 days of using it. I love that it protects my skin from natural environmental stressors (like pollution, stress, and fatigue) that are unavoidable! Those internal and external aggressors are called the Exposome, and actually account for 80% of skin aging!

At night, I use the LiftActiv Retinol Treatment on a clean face. It literally will visibly reduce your fine lines and wrinkles and makes your skin plump for younger looking expressions! This one is a must in the anti-aging process.

Last, but not least is the LiftActiv Peptide-C Moisturizer. This is the moisturizer I filled you in on a while back and I am still loving it. It uses phyto peptides,Vitamin C and Vichy’s exclusive Mineralizing Water to help correct and prevent the visible effects of collages loss in the skin. Literally after day 1 you see improved skin tone, and visible firmness and hydration! After 4 weeks you notice reduced wrinkles and brighter skin. Apply this anti aging moisturizer both morning and night after the Vitamin C Serum or Retinol Treatment.

I have added a picture of myself fresh faced after applying the 3 products and you can see how plump and moisturized my skin looks after just applying it! It is amazing and I love that the price point is so accessible for such an amazing moisturizer at $39.00!

I know a lot of you loved when I gave you code when I posted about my Vichy moisturizer so I asked their team if they would provide another code for you ladies! Use code RACH19 at checkout for 20% off of your order on!

Let me know if you try them out! I would love to hear your skin care wins from these amazing products!


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