My Mudroom Reveal with Alice Lane...

My Mudroom Reveal with Alice Lane...

Our mudroom is done all thanks to Alice Lane Home! It's funny how such a "casual" area can be one of my favorite spots in the house. I love having it tucked right off the kitchen and garage; it catches all the busy traffic from school days, loading and unloading the car, road trips, laundry... even giving Dasher a bath! Keep scrolling for the details...

Here is the dog bath Alice Lane designed for Dasher. We also use it for rinsing off muddy boots and toys.

Rachel Parcell and dog, Dash in mudroom shower

One of my favorite features is the deep farmhouse sink. I use it year-round for flower arrangements and craft projects, and I love having it next to my washer and dryer to prep and spot-clean laundry. 

Rachel Parcell and Baby Ford in farmhouse sink in mudroom

 Farmhouse sink by Alice Lane

Rachel Parcell and Baby Ford in Farmhouse sink in mudroom by Alice Lane

(If you're shopping, I've made some links for most of the furniture and accents below. Alice Lane was so generous to give shoppers 15% off the Rachel Parcell Collection; just use code RACHEL15 at checkout!) 

Mudroom Entry Way

Mudroom mirror



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