Motivational Monday: Starting your day Positive

Motivational Monday: Starting your day Positive

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It's a new month, and for me that means that I like to evaluate my goals, my habits (good or bad) and my current attitude or emotions towards life...

As I shared at the beginning of May, I like to set a goal at the start of each month. I like to think of it as a mini New Years. A fresh start to create a new habit or strive towards a new goal.

Last month I focused on getting back into the habit of making my daily green drink. For me, the benefits I see when I drink it, both physically and emotionally are huge! Also, Jackson loves drinking it with me so I feel like a bomb mom every morning he's drinking his greens ;)!

This month my goal is to find the positive in each day, even if some days I have to look a little harder. My mom taught me and my sisters, a grateful heart is a happy heart, so I always try to stay positive. One of my favorite ways to do this (and the most effective) is to reflect each night and write down everything good or positive that happened that day, even if some days I have to look a little harder. I have always struggled with anxiety and I feel like this practice helps ease that anxiety.

*You can find last months blog post here where I talk more about my goal setting each month.

Below, I've shared a Positivity Journal I created as a way for me to jot down positive affirmations each morning that help set the tone for each day ahead along with a space to jot down the good that happened that day each night before bed. I have also added a place at the top of each journal entry log to write down a goal I have been working on so I can remember to focus on it (my affirmations do not always link to my goal specifically). I find that by simply writing down some affirmations and reflecting on the good in each day keeps my mindset positive throughout the week help me in achieving a goal.

For me personally, a positive mind set leads me to more of a positive and productive life. This can relate to all aspects of life whether it is personal or professional. Not all days will be easy, but even on your hardest days, if you try to set the positive tone in the morning it can make them much more manageable.

Remember that we are not super heroes and we can't do it all, any accomplishment, even just having a positive attitude throughout the day is a win! Celebrate every small victory in life and don’t be too hard on yourself. Creating positive affirmations and being thankful is a great way to start out each morning! Also, this mindset helps me brush it off when I fall short or make a mistake.

I hope you find the journal entry sheets below helpful! If you watch the Rachel Parcell brand IG stories you can find a video on how you can save this downloadable version to your phone and write over the top of the template. You can save these in a Positivity Journal folder that you create on your phone for a paperless version! I have also included versions of these quotes for all of your mobile devices in different sizes so you can download them and use them as your computer or phone wallpaper to help remind yourself each day to stay positive!

You can download all of the quotes and templates HERE! :)

I would love to see some of your positive affirmations that you come up with for yourself. It is always nice to see how others view life and it inspires me to see each and every one of you stay positive! Be sure to tag @rachelparcell or @rachparcell when you post! Have a great Monday!!

^^ Above is an example of my journal entry from yesterday! Click HERE to get the blank version for yourself or drag and drop the blank template below to your desktop!

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